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Easiest Way to Activate MTN Free Unlimited Airtime Cheat 2020

Easiest Way to Activate MTN Free Unlimited Airtime Cheat 2020
MTN free unlimited airtime cheat

Hello guys, I will be showing you the Easiest Way to Activate MTN Free Unlimited Airtime Cheat 2020, this is yet another blazing MTN airtime cheat. This airtime cheat has been going on for quite some time now but on sale due to some reasons which I will later explain in this post.

This MTN airtime trick will definitely come in handy for those who love spending more time on calls than surfing the internet. You can accumulate more airtime as you like with the steps I am about to reveal to you now.

Like we all know, there are some people who loves reporting cheats to ISPs on Twitter, thereby making them to block every cheat we post. To avoid this from happening, and to make this cheat last a bit longer, we have decided to post the real steps.

Be that as it may, we have decided to post this MTN airtime cheat for free. Reasons being that we want everyone to enjoy this, especially those who love to make calls.

Features Of The MTN Airtime Cheat 2020

  1. You can accumulate more airtime as you want.
  2. Airtime can't be transferred.
  3. Airtime can't be used to subscribe for data
  4. Works only for MTN users.
  5. Airtime can be used to call all networks in Nigeria.
  6. Activation fee for this MTN airtime cheat starts from N1,000 upwards, depending on the amount you want to accumulate.

All other informations will be provided in the steps below.

How To Activate MTN Free Unlimited Airtime Cheat

Well, I've decided to let the cats out of the bag but a cat will still remain hidden so you guys won't flood the platform and/or this process. So to get this done, follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Firstly, get an MTN sim and migrate to BetaTalk tariff by sending BT to 131 as a text message
  2. Now, recharge your MTN line with 1000 or 5000. Reason being that recharge of 1000 Naira will give you 2500 Naira for calls to all networks. So if you recharge 5000 Naira, you will get 12k bonus.
  3. All you have to do is convert your initial airtime back to cash. You can make use of sites like or Recharge2Cash app on Playstore. Make sure you use up your bonus before selling the airtime. You can migrate to MTN Pulse so you can be able to transfer airtime. Don't migrate if you still have the bonus airtime else it will be cleared. To migrate, dial *406#.

  4. You can keep recharging between 1k to 5k to accumulate more bonuses for calls to all networks and then convert the real airtime back to cash.
  5. To check your bonus balance, kindly dial *559*43#.

Final words

Stick around for my next update, we hope you have been able to Activate MTN Free Unlimited Airtime Cheat to make unlimited calls as you like in 2020.

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