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Add WordPress Testimonials Plugin to increase brand reputation


Add WordPress Testimonials Plugin to increase brand reputationReviews are probably the surest way to improve brand reputation. You see them everywhere online. Some platforms include Google, Facebook or even the WordPress website. Brand users connect with good reviews, trust their peers, so it's important to have customer review pages on your website. To do this, you want to add a WordPress star rating plugin.

Why Add a WordPress Testimonials Plugin?

Brand identity and consistency are important. Remember, good or bad reviews will grow or break you. If you continue to receive good reviews, then you want to use good customer review plugin with WordPress to recommend those compliments.

Showing these certain reviews with other potential customers will help you enhance your brand's reputation, both online, through the community. There are several good star rating plugins for WordPress. I've narrowed it down to blocks that will give you everything you need.

Strong Testimonials


Strong Testimonials is a WordPress customer rating plugin that gives you all the tools you need to display customer reviews with your brand. The plugin offers you the ability to add and display customer reviews in a variety of ways.

You only need to add your own review to the Strong Testimonials plugin and then use the shortcode provided to display them the way you want on your WordPress post, page or widget area.

Full featured plugin includes:

  • No complex shortcodes
  • Front form
  • Custom field
  • Star rating
  • Sliders & carousels with several navigation options
  • Mesh and Masonry
  • Ready to translate with WPML, Polylang and WPGlobus

And that's just the beginning. Other great features include the ability to organize, use categories with excerpts, paging, featured images with or without Gravatar.

Strong Testimonials gives you everything WordPress star rating plugin should have.

Let's see how to use it.

Install and activate Strong Testimonials

To use this customer rating plugin with WordPress, it needs to be installed, activated. You can do this from your WordPress website administration control panel.


The moment the plugin is installed, activated, click Testimonials> Install, located on the left menu bar at the admin screen.


This will take you to configuration and then install the plugin.

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Configure the Testimonials Plugin

As with most plugins, you configure this WordPress Strong Testimonials plugin installation the way you want. Let's take a look at a few things you'll see


When you click on the General tab, you will see several administrative settings with output. You should keep anything checked by default. However, you can change it if you want. Here are some administrator options you will see:


You also get certain output options with the plugin, so feel free to configure this option the way you want.



Now click on the form, this is where you will configure the customer form that is allowed to send their own review to you. Again, this configuration however you want your form to display.



Wikipedia's online “Compatibility” will show you a few options for compatibility with the plugin, and will also suggest ways to fix the problem you will encounter. See if you have any problems with the WordPress review plugin.


Add a Testimonial

When you are finished configuring customer assessment plugin with WordPress the way you want, click Testimonial> Add new, so you can add customer feedback.


“Add New” is presented to you as a regular editor. Go ahead then fill in the title and description. The title will be the title of the review, when the description will be the review itself.


Note: if you want to add an image to the review, just use the featured image option.

Now scroll down until you see the section titled customer details. This is where the actual customer details will be displayed on the review. Including:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Company position
  • Website of the company


When you have filled in the information you want, click the Publish button and the customer reviews will be published.

Show customer reviews

To show reviews that have been added to you, you have several different options. The entire display option is presented using shortcodes. Click Testimonial> Shortcodes to access the shortcodes page with the plugin and see your options.


As you can see, you display your reviews in a way that includes:

  • Single view
  • Number of reviews
  • Average rating
  • Use stars
  • Title
  • In brief

Just copy and paste the relevant shortcode to display WordPress review plugin the way you want.

You can paste this shortcode on page or article.

Final thought

If you have the brand you're trying to promote, then it's harder to find a better way to do that than add reviews. Using the WordPress review plugin is the perfect way to get reviews on your website and your brand is getting more traction through word of mouth.

Have you ever used WordPress client review plugin? Did you use reviews in a different way than just on your WordPress website?

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