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How to make a web of Places to test CSS, JS AND HTML Codes

How to make a web of Places to test CSS, JS AND HTML Codes

At the end of the article How to Edit a Blog Easily , I also said I would write an article on how to create a website or blog to test / test codes such as CSS, Javascript and HTML in designing a blog. The purpose of making the Web to test CSS, JS and HTML is nothing but to prepare the design quickly before it is applied to the blog, because it will take more time to make editing templates on blogspot with trial and error methods. I will also give the file later to be downloaded so that in offline mode you can also use it.

There are many websites that are similar to what we will make here. So it all depends on yourself which one will be used. However, before we make it, maybe we can get to know some of these similar sites that are widely used by people:

Live Code Editor:

How to Make a Web of Places to Test CSS, JS and HTML such as edit codes
This blog that I will share with you. Its function is clearly the same as described above, namely to test CSS, JS and HTML codes. For the advantages and disadvantages, please look for yourself. Please download the free template that I shared with you. There is also a file for me to be able to edit and test your CSS, JS and HTML offline.

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