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Football legend Ronaldinho was arrested for using a fake passport and suspected Bitcoin fraud

Football legend Ronaldinho was arrested for using a fake passport and suspected Bitcoin fraud

Brazilian football legend Ronaldinho Gaucho was arrested for using a fake passport to enter Paraguay.

Follow report of Cointelegraph Brazil, one of the greatest footballers in football village history was arrested in Paraguay. And it is worth noting that he is currently under investigation for participating in fraudulent cryptocurrency companies using his name – Ronaldinho Gaucho.

The Paraguay National Police broke into the hotel where Ronaldinho was in the Paraguay Golf Club and discovered two fake Paraguay passports named after him and his brother Roberto de Assis Moreira. The 39-year-old player came to this country to participate in a community campaign to support donations for poor boys and girls.

Ronaldinho and his brother are still under house arrest, and will leave today to explain the case to the Foreign Ministry.

After the interrogation, Paraguay prosecutors ordered the arrest of the former Barcelona player and his brother for immigration on a fake passport.

In Brazil, Ronaldinho is also being investigated by the authorities for involving two companies accused of Bitcoin fraud. Both companies were banned by Brazil's Securities Commission and Exchange.

LBLV and Ronaldinho 18k are the names of the two companies mentioned. To protect himself, Ronaldinho claimed that he had left the company shortly after learning that they were offering investments in cryptocurrencies.

In addition, this football star has also participated in two cryptocurrency ICO projects, Ronaldinho Soccer Coin and Champion Coin. However, both projects were unbeaten and stopped working.

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