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Latest VetoSpeed Blogger Template NQnia


In the era of 2020 you have a lot of cool, fast design templates with good optimization by well-known web designers or redesigner with learning objectives or satisfaction due to the fact that a lot of blogs discuss html coding tutorials whether it's replacing animated headers etc. with different goals. The blogger template 2020 must be modern and efficient in terms of speed Yes of course the technology will not be endless developers develop very quickly in the field of programming, therefore bloggers should immediately update / replace the template with the best optimization and of course SEO Friendly.


Latest VigoSpeed Features

Mobile FriendlyTrue
SEO ReadyTrue
Fast LoadingTrue
Ads OptimizedTrue
100% Responsive on all screen sizesTrue
No need to bother manipulating the template code so that SEO has been optimizedTrue
Fast loading without sacrificing designTrue
Ads OptimizedTrue
Using Schema MarkupTrue
There is an automatic ad slot feature in the middle of the article and below the article to help increase ad CTRTrue
Support the Blogger Theme Designer FeatureTrue
Icon Using SVGTrue
Breadcrumb NavigationTrue
Share ButtonTrue
Auto ReadmoreTrue
Related PostsTrue
Style 3 ColorTrue
Widget StickyTrue
Back To TopTrue
Custom Error pageTrue
Without Link CreditTrue
And Much More..True

  • Installation of Google Analytics Plate the code below right Above </body>

(function(b,l,e,g,h,f){1!==parseInt(e.msDoNotTrack||b.doNotTrack||e.doNotTrack,10)&&b.addEventListener("load",function(){var r=(new Date).getTime();b.galite=b.galite||{};var m=new XMLHttpRequest,n=""+(l.uid=l.uid||Math.random()+"."+Math.random())+"&v=1&tid="+galite.UA+"&dl="+f(h.location.href)+"&ul=en-us&de=UTF-8",a=function(b){var d="",c;for(c in b){if(void 0===b[c])return!1;d+=f(b[c])}return d},p={dt:[h.title],sd:[g.colorDepth,"-bit"],sr:[g.availHeight,
"x",g.availWidth],vp:[innerWidth,"x",innerHeight],dr:[h.referrer]},k;for(k in p){var q=k+"="+a(p[k]);q&&(n+="&"+q)}a=function(b,d){var c="",a;for(a in d)c="&"+a+"="+f(d[a]);return function(){var a=n+c+(galite.anonymizeIp?"&aip=1":"")+"&t="+f(b)+"&z="+(new Date).getTime();if(e.sendBeacon)e.sendBeacon(a);else try{"GET",a,!1),m.send()}catch(t){(new Image).src=a}}};setTimeout(a("pageview",null),100);b.addEventListener("unload",a("timing",{utc:"JS Dependencies",utv:"unload",utt:(new Date).getTime()-
var galite = galite || {};
galite.UA = &#39;UA-XXXXXXX-X&#39;;

Change the Code UA-XXXXXXX-X with Your Google Analytics Code

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