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#Dirumahaja activities for bloggers to stay productive

#Dirumahaja activities for bloggers to stay productive
Author Blogger Activities When at home

Must have known hashtags lately #just at homeagain really hit. This is a recommendation from the government so that we remain silent at home to prevent the spread of the Corona virus. Indeed, not all groups can apply this rule. But if you are in the group who can stay at home and remain productive, what activities do you usually do?

We as bloggers must be familiar with habits#just at home. Especially if you are a full-time blogger, you definitely spend more time at home writing articles.

While the moment is right, I want to share a few opinions about the various types of activities a blogger can do at the moment #just at home. This activity not only eliminates fatigue and boredom, but can also increase productivity and income. What I will say is besides writing articles, because this activity is inherently mandatory for a blogger.

1. Keyword Research

This is a super important thing to do before writing articles. The goal is that you know what keywords people are often looking for. If the search volume per month is large, then make articles according to these keywords. Apart from volume, also look at CPC, competition with competitors, and difficulty level.

Do keyword research once a week or once a month. Create as many keyword stocks as possible at the beginning, so just execute them later. Moment#just at home like this, try to do a lot of trial & error so that your keyword research method is even better.

2. Update Old Articles

Google likes fresh articles and old articles that are updated. Especially for those who have a tutorial blog like mine, usually the website that we include in the tutorial routinely changes every time. So the sequence of stages or images attached is different from the previous one. So, update the blog tutorial contents and pictures so that the articles remain relevant and up to date .

3. Cek Broken Link

Links that are dead, broken, or inactive can result in decreased blog health in Google's eyes. Routinely check for broken links to avoid things that are not desirable. Check the guide in the article How to Check and Overcome Broken Links .

4. Learn to Create a Self-Hosted Blog

Most of Igniel blog visitors use Blogger (Blogspot) as their preferred platform. Well, my blog is all about Blogspot tutorials, so it's only natural. But if you have a long-term plan, learn to create a hosted blog, or the cool word is self-hosted . The most popular platform that is used is WordPress .

The WordPress community is very large, and there are many tutorials on the internet. So it must be easy to find a solution if later you have difficulty learning. The existence of plugins that make it very easy to make WordPress can be used as a blog containing articles as in general or as a more complex online shop by using special plugins for transactions.

But if you want to keep using Blogspot, that's okay. Many large blogs with very high traffic are still loyal to using Blogspot. Online shops are no less that use Blogspot, one example is Plastic Flower Wholesale . The choice is yours.

5. Learn Sales

Most of the internet marketing players who cross my Facebook timeline are not only bloggers. They also have other businesses running. There are those who become YouTubers, affiliate marketing, and the most part is selling online.

In this digital era, selling has become so easy. Without a physical store, you can hawk merchandise to everyone around the world. There are various methods, some sell using the website, Facebook, Instagram, the marketplace , even if they don't have anything they can sell and sell up to thousands every day! That's called dropship , which means simply selling other people's things.

Examples of items that can be sold online are Wholesale Paper Bouquet Flowers , clothes, food, or anything else as long as there is a target market.

When the Corona COVID-19 pandemic is like this, the economic situation has indeed declined. Not only in Indonesia, the rest of the world has experienced a relative decline. So what you can do for a while is learn to put together a good marketing strategy. Later, when the world economy improves, it remains only to intensify the strategy.

6. Learn Facebook Ads and Google Ads

Two giant companies have a lot of users: Facebook and Google. Every day many people visit these two websites (plus the website of its subsidiary). So if you put an ad to market a product there, the chances of being seen are very high (depending on the budget too).

If you want to advertise on Facebook (and Instagram as a subsidiary), the advertising method is called Facebook Ads (Instagram Ads comes in here too). Meanwhile, advertising on Google is called Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords). DIFFERENT YES with Google AdSense. DIFFERENT. DIFFERENT. Google Ads is advertising on Google (we spend money to pay), while Google AdSense is an ad publisher (advertising from Google and we get money for being paid).

Advertise on Facebook and Instagram = Facebook Ads.
Advertise on Google = Google Ads.

Facebook and Instagram are really big social media. The visitors are abundant, the amount of sand on the beach is as rich. especially Instagram, it's very busy. You can advertise on these two social media to learn marketing strategies. Not only advertising goods. Many also advertise websites, in the hope that the number of visitors can increase.

Google is the largest search engine in the world, we know that. By advertising on Google Ads, your blog will automatically be on the first page of searches without bothering to learn SEO. But still, it depends on how much budget you have.

Those are some of my opinions regarding useful activities that bloggers can do when #just at home. Maintain the health of yourself, those closest to you, and the surrounding environment to avoid various dangerous diseases. What is your version of productive home activities?

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