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Add a suggested Related Topic tool to blogger 2019

It is one of the most popular tools on open sites and on Blogger and there are other similar additions are made through sites or via Facebook, but this advantage is that it does not depend on external sites in addition to it is light and this tool is an exclusive but blogger

You can preview the tool's work by scrolling down the subject and now with the code.
login blogger  >> Layout  >>  Add a Gadget >>  HTML/Java >> Paste Code >> save template >> view your blog.

You Must be Change Formats :

  • First replace my blog link with your blog link
  • This color #009efa  is the blue color of the tool you can modify the
  • #FF0808 -  #FFE608 - #21FA02 - #021BFA - #000000
  • teacher in red is the title line Replace it with the line you use.
  • if you want to modify the height of the images Modify the numbers marked green with the same proportions if you increase one 20 pixels Increase the other by the same percentage
  • if you want the tool to be left.
  • Replace right with left and left with right

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