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ADD Timer Button Exit Download Links

The reason for this is that as soon as the visitor finds the download link out of the page without interest in reading the content,
 Today's tool, which delayed the exit of the visitor from your site via external links, which I will explain adding in two ways:
Method 1: Display a countdown before the link appears with the message "Wait a little before the link appears"
The second method: the emergence of the timer after clicking on the link and before heading to the external page with the message "Wait a little before heading to the page"
countdown loading
 The extension is suitable for all sites and web pages Html including blogs >> Continue Explain the installation code for blogs Blogger:
How to install  Timer plugin before checkout for download links in Blogger Blog 
1. Go to the Blogger control panel and then the Template tab (make a backup copy of the template).  
** Whether you will use the first or second method, add the following code before the tags </head>
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
If you have this code in the template, you do not need to add it again

Go to the post page where you want to add the external link or download link and then add the following code inside the HTML tab of the post according to how the timer appears:
Method 1 . Disply a countdown before external link

Preview Click here

$ (function () {
    $ ("# condaianllkhir"). click (function () {
        var seconds = 5 ;
        $ ("# CountDown"). Show ();
  $ ("# condaianllkhir"). hide ();
        $ ("# DrRO"). Html (seconds);
        setInterval (function () {
            $ ("# DrRO"). Html (seconds);
            if (seconds == 0) {
                $ ("# CountDown"). Hide ();
                window.location = " ";
        }, 1000);
 <input type = "button" id = "condaianllkhir" value = " Click here to download " />
<br />
<br />
<div id = "CountDown" style = "display: none">
<b> Wait a bit before heading to the download page <br/> <br/> <Img the src = " Https: gif "/> <br/> <br/> <span id =" DrRO "> </span> & nbsp; seconds.

Don't forget to replace   with your download link or external link
If you want to change the countdown, change the number 5 in the code
If you want You can then replace the image also by changing this link

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