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Download Meyer responsive and fast template for Blogger

The Meyer template is an excellent simple blogger template with responsive design and is suitable for all blogs. It is designed with a simple mix of colors, clean, and built using some of the most popular current design paths.

Features of the Meyer V1 template :

  1. Responsive to all devices
  2. Friend phones
  3. Super fast download speed✔
  4. Meets SEO standards
  5. Featured side menu
  6. Featured search box
  7. Postal Subscription Fund
  8. Medial Social Buttons
  9. Responsive ads
  10. Share buttons
  11. Author Definition (Multi)
  12. Related articles
  13. Page views stats
  14. Featured additions inside the posts
  15. Smooth scrolling
  16. Go up and down button
  17. Updated comment box
  18. And more ...... ....
How to use Meyer Template :

  1. Log in to the Blogger panel and go to Appearance> Edit HTML.
  2. Please back up the old template if you decide to use it again. To do this, click  Backup / Restore and  save the file.
  3. Next, browse to the location of the XML template you just downloaded and click "Upload."

Site map or archive page :
 Add a new page> Copy and paste all the code below (HTML mode). Find the blog URL and change it with your blog link

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