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Adobe Lightroom Premium 5.0 + Presets Pack Free Download

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC is an application with powerful and easy-to-use tools for taking, processing and publishing photos. In addition, with premium features, you have extensive management options and convenient access to photos from mobile devices, desktop computers and through a web browser.

Shooting with the camera :

  • Take pictures in the Professional shooting mode Lightroom CC - take full advantage of the camera capabilities of your smartphone.
  • Expand your creativity: save your footage as raw photos in DNG format.
  • Use the High Dynamic Range (HDR **) mode, which automatically optimizes exposure by capturing the lightest and darkest portions and recreates the scene exactly as you see it.
  • Use one of five special Photoshop styles: the effect can be seen immediately during shooting and adjusted later. When changing photos are not overwritten, and you can always return to the original version *.

Editing photos in albums using modern tools

  • Create expressive images in seconds with a variety of tools: both ready-made styles and complex correction functions.
  • Process your photos using a tone curve and adjust color, exposure, tone, and contrast.
  • Easily edit large albums and create photos in the same style, copying and applying your favorite settings.
  • Correctly adjust any area of ​​the picture with your finger or with the stylus (premium feature).

ARM (86.6 MB)

ARM64 (86.7 MB)

X86 (87.2 MB)

Pack No. 1 (296.9 MB)

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