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How to download Instagram stories without an application

Since it was first launched, the Instagram story (Instastory) feature has been loved by users. In fact, its popularity managed to beat Snapchat, which actually became the initiator of the post that disappeared within 24 hours.

Because of their temporary nature, usually IG stories (snapgrams) are a place to upload content that is more relaxed and casual than the Instagram feed. Therefore users update via stories more often than feeds, making it a more interactive place.

Not to mention the various other features that can be added such as sound effects, songs, stickers, giving questions, and filters that are very fun to explore. Anyone who tries will be addicted. It feels like something is missing if you don't update the story for one day.

Instastory will disappear after 24 hours, so if there is any interesting content you have to save it quickly so you can look back at it someday. Unfortunately Instagram does not have a built-in feature for uploading the photo or video story.

Don't worry, with the tutorial below you can download Instagram photos and videos belonging to other people without the application directly from their cellphones or laptops.

How to Save Other People's Instagram Stories Without Applications

All you have to do in order to save your friend's snapgram without additional software is to open the following site. This site can be accessed from a smartphone or computer. In this tutorial I gave an example using a laptop, but the method is the same if it's done via Android, iPhone, or other cellphones. Just open it through each browser.

Enter the username of the IG account where you want to download the story. After that pressENTERon the keyboard. Oh yes, this site can also download Highlights. Later the data will appear there.

Click the text 3 storiesthat appears. Here, an example shows that the account has 3 stories. If there are 10, the number changes to 10.

Tutorial Save Friends IG Story Without Additional Software

You will be directed to a new page where all the stories are displayed. Click writingDOWNLOAD in each photo or video.

Download Snapgram Story from HP is easy

Here's the result when the file is successfully downloaded and opened in the laptop or cellphone folder.

Save IG Stories on Android and iPhone

The Faster Way

If you are used to using this site, there are ways you can use it to make the download process faster. Directly open this address in the browser:

Replace akunwith the username that will be downloaded.

Other Sites

You can try several other sites that have similar services. How to use it more or less the same. Only it looks a little different. The list is:

It's easy and fast to save IG stories on other accounts without this application. Anyone can freely download your Istastory, so think carefully before sharing anything on social media.

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