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SEO Material-NQnia Template Improved Template 2019 With Cradit Remove

Peace, mercy and blessings of God.
In this article I will give you the best template blogger Material technology Metrizin and professional codes of technology and information Excellent template and many features have been fixed  some errors become more professional.

Features of SEO Material Template Availability
  • Compatible with SEO                       available 
  • responsive                                         available
  • Upward button                                  available
  • Snowfall effect                                  available
  • Sharing buttons                                 available
  • Fast download                                   available
  • Related Topics                                   available
  • Page is wrong 404                             available   
  • Show and hide search box               available
  • And more .....

    How to installation ?
    1. Download the cleaning template and then go to the code 👈and then the appearance 👈and then HTML and paste the cleaning template
    2. After downloading the template go to Backup / Restore and select the template
    Congratulations on the template
    The template removed in the initial development phase may encounter some errors
    That's all, sorry if I looked at you
    Thanks for following

    Winrar file Password 

    Template details 

    • Name: Seo Material-NQNIA
    • Template Version: 2.0
    • Attached Files: .xml
    • Published Date:  November 02, 2019
    SEO Material-NQnia Password :

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