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Top 2 AMP Blogger Templates Foreign blog templates

Best AMP Blogger Templates
Nowadays AMP templates have become more popular than other templates, not in vain they have become popular but there are real reasons why all bloggers use the AMP blogger templates and I will mention you in this article. 2 AMP BLOGGETR templates.
First, what is the AMP project
 Amp is an acronym for  Accelerated Mobile Pages  , launched by Google in 2015 and is an open source project that accelerates mobile pages. The AMP project is generally based on a set of Cache caching technologies to speed up page loading
Second, why should you use plugins that support AMP
When Google launches any site-related project, know that there are updates coming about the search engine algorithm.

Download the SEO AMP template
This template has a simple design, but it is still distinct and good looking and that's what I like about this template. Its design is compatible with search engines, and the template is very fast and compatible with all screens and contains places advertising profitable.

Download the GOOPLUS template
One of the best molds AMP, much like the templates rose Press, this template is characterized by large load quickly. And as well as the provider with the latest technologies and supports the search engines, in addition to its exquisite design I recommend you try this template if you want a good Web site look great speed of

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