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Download Lite-blog template latest version Blogger Templates Update 17-12-2019

 Download lite-blog template latest version Blogger Templates Update 17-12-2019

Welcome followers and visitors to your guide to professionalism blog, in this post I will present to you a template of  NQNia web in its latest version This template is considered one of the best professional blogger templates, a template with many features including its elegant design as well as its support for SEO and its compatibility with search engines as well as responsive to all screens :
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Features template latest version Update 17-12-2019

  1. Template is very fast to download
  2. SEO template compatible with search engines
  3. JavaScript improves image quality
  4. Compatible with all screens
  5. Information about a writer
  6. Automatic Slider
  7. Drop list
  8. Number of thread views
  9. Information on the blog
  10. Stars to rate the topic
  11. Numbered pages
  12. Stylish design
  13. Related topics
  14. Profitable advertising places 
  15.  Modified comments + smiles
  16. Equipped with the best meta tag codes
  17. Topic buttons on the sites below the topics
  18. Error page
  19. And more .....

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