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20 Tips to Make Your Phone Serve Longer

20 Tips to Make Your Phone Serve Longer

Brightside is at it again with another inspiring video on 20 Tips to Make Your Phone Serve Longer.

Without any delay Check out These 20 Tips to Make Your Phone Serve Longer, you might learn something new from this.

Do you know?

Out of the 7.7 billion people on this planet, 5 billion use a cell phone. And still, so many of us don't know how we can make our gadgets serve us as long as they're designed to.

Is it ok to let the battery run completely out? Should you ever power your phone down? Should you take it out of your pocket before doing laundry? Here are some cellphone do’s and don’t’s to extend your favorite gadget's life to the max.


  1. DO turn off Bluetooth when you aren't using it 0:29.
  2. DON'T expose your smartphone to the elements 0:41.
  3. DO encrypt all sensitive and personal information you have on your phone 1:11.
  4. DON'T use cheap or non-original chargers 1:29.
  5. DO clean your phone's charging port and the charging cable regularly 1:46.
  6. DON'T ignore a malware threat 2:09.
  7. DO avoid dropping your smartphone 2:30.
  8. DON'T use a spray bottle to spritz your phone directly while cleaning it 2:48.
  9. DO charge your smartphone before its battery drains completely 3:20.
  10. DON'T install a battery optimizer 3:49.
  11. DO keep your home screen as tidy as possible 4:20.
  12. DON'T cram the memory 4:45.
  13. DO update the software if your phone suggests it 5:02.
  14. DON'T keep your phone in your pants pocket 5:26.
  15. DO turn your phone off at least once a week 5:43.
  16. DON'T turn your phone off if its battery is almost empty 6:20.
  17. DON'T forget to clear your phone's cache 6:47.
  18. DO plug your phone in carefully 7:07.
  19. DON'T replace your phone's original battery with a cheap alternative 7:25.
  20. DO use a screen protector 7:43.

Play and enjoy

Play and enjoy video for 20 Tips to Make Your Phone Serve Longer

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