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AMP Pro HTML v3.0 Responsive Blogger Template Free For You

AMP Pro HTML v3.0 Responsive Blogger Template Free For You
AMP Pro is Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for Blogger Templates. This is a design with a Business view, just seconds to load and run everything. These templates are configured and upgraded to be super SEO friendly, and also mobile-friendly.
This template is the first time I use on this blog and was first used to register Adsense, the article at the time of registering new Adsense 5 posts. It does not take several weeks of Adsense directly in approve. Due to not believe there is a friend use it does not take weeks Adsense week directly in approve. If you want to try it please use this template to register Adsense.

Responsive True
Mobile FriendlyTrue
SEO ReadyTrue
Fast LoadingTrue
Ads OptimizedTrue
Comment DisqusTrue
Top MenuTrue
Social ShareTrue
Postmeta (Hiden)True
Subscribe footerTrue
Support Fitur Desainer Tema BloggerTrue
Breadcrumbs NavigationTrue
Icon Menggunakan Font AwesomeTrue
Share ButtonTrue
Primary MenuTrue
Related PostsTrue
Valid AMP HTMLTrue
Widget StickyTrue
Back To TopTrue
Custom Error pageTrue
Original JavascriptTrue
And Much More..True

Installing Images on Posting:
<noscript><img alt="seoamp" height="400" src="YOU LINK IMG" title="seoamp" width="700"></noscript>

Place Advertisers Below Post
Look for the code below

<div class='adsense336'>
<amp-ad data-ad-client='ca-pub-xxxxxxxxxx' data-ad-slot='xxxxx' height='250' layout='fixed-height' type='adsense'/>

Ads Between Posts Home Page Advertisement
Search for this: Advertisement Or This Code

<amp-ad data-ad-client='ca-pub-xxxxxxxxxx' data-ad-slot='xxxxxx' height='250' layout='responsive' type='adsense' width='300'>

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