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Best AMP Responsive Blogger Template Free For You

Best AMP Responsive Blogger Template Free For You
NQNIa Template - Hi guys, it hasn't been updated for this time the admin will share a template that the admin has used before on blogspot but since moving to wp the admin can't use it because it's not supported. why not support? because wp itself has a template structure which is sure html, js, css, php. packaged in a zip and then uploaded, because the admin can't convert it to the admin admin just sharing it free is very fun right?

Responsive True
Mobile FriendlyTrue
SEO ReadyTrue
Fast LoadingTrue
Ads OptimizedTrue
Landing pageTrue
2 ColumnTrue
Disqus Comment BloggerTrue
Support Fitur Desainer Tema BloggerTrue
Menggunakan Schema MarkupTrue
Breadcrumbs NavigationTrue
Icon Menggunakan Font AwesomeTrue
Share ButtonTrue
Auto ReadmoreTrue
Related PostsTrue
Pop-up Search FormTrue
Widget StickyTrue
Back To TopTrue
Custom Error pageTrue
Original JavascriptTrue
And Much MoreTrue

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