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Easiest Way to get Airtel PUK Number using USSD code

Easiest Way to get Airtel PUK Number using USSD code

I know most readers will be anxious to get this done ASAP, before I drop the steps on Easiest Way to get Airtel PUK Number using USSD code, I would like to explain what PUK means.


A personal unlocking key, sometimes called personal unblocking code, is used in 3GPP mobile phones to reset a personal identification number that has been lost or forgotten. Most mobile phones offer the feature of PIN protection – Wikipedia
This PUK is usually 8 digit unique code.

Why PUK needed?

You are often requested for this PUK number if you wrongly input a security pin code (maximum trial of 5 times) of which after that your line is blocked.

This seems bad at times as the only ultimate was to look for  the simcard pack which is likely not possible to find.
Most persons go ahead in calling customer service which is definitely another pin in the ass. Takes definitely most of the day before getting to speak to a customer care.

So today, this post will guide you on how to get your PUK number in case any of such ever happens.

How to get my Airtel PUK Number using USSD code

  1. Dial *121#
  2. Select option 3
  3. Select option 7

Now your PUK number will be displayed, simply write it down and keep it safe.
Its advisable to save it offline, via your gmail or Google drive.

For those who are already blocked and can't find their sim pack, simply dial 121 and follow prompt to speak with a customer agent now.

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