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Easiest Way to Share Data on All Networks

Easiest Way to Share Data on All Networks

You can basically share your data with family and friends on the same network with you. Either Etisalat, MTN, Glo and Airtel can do this I will be showing you the Easiest Way to Share Data on All Networks.

Well let's Start with MTN.

How To Share Data From MTN To MTN Network

In other to activate your MTN sim for Data Share services, simply dial *131*2*1#.
Then, change your data share pin from the default Pin:0000
To change your pin, simply dial *131*2*Default Pin*New Pin*New Pin# and that's all,

How to Share Data With Friends on MTN

In order to share, follow these steps below:
  1. add your friend's phone number to beneficiary (dial *131*2*4*1*frnd'sno.*Pin#).
  2. To share MB dial *131*2*4*3*Pin#.

It is advicable to have only ONE beneficiary else your data share/
transfer fails.

How to Remove Beneficiary

To remove mobile phone number from MTN data share Beneficiary list, follow this step:
Dial *131*2*4*2*Old Friend's
phone number*Pin#.
First added friend has now been deleted.

How To Check MTN Data Share Beneficiary List

To check Beneficiary list, dial *131*2*4*4*Pin#.

How To Share Data From Airtel To Airtel Network

To share Airtel Data follow these steps below.
For 10MB: dial *141*712*11*recipient number#
For 25MB: dial *141*712*9* recipient number #
For 60MB dial *141*712*4* recipient number #.

Note that for every data share there will be a deduction of #100 or 10MB from your account. You can dial *141*1# and follow the voice prompts to get more information on Airtel data share/transfer.

How To Share Data From 9mobile To 9mobile

To Share 9mobile Data follow this step below:
Dial *229*recipient*Amount of MB# (example
*229*0809999xxxx*50#) OR *229*recipient*Amount Of MB*pin#
(example *229*0809999xxxx*50*pin#)
And then input your PIN which is 0000.

How To Share Data From GLO To GLO Network

To share Glo Data bundle follow the steps below:
First dial *127*Data Plan Code*receiver’s number# (example *127*53*081xx03xxxx#).

Note that from the example above, 53 is the Data Plan Code.

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