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How to Unshare/Remove or Add Numbers to Glo Data Sharing in 2020

How to Unshare/Remove or Add Numbers to Glo Data Sharing in 2020

This is another great day for this how to tutorial and this time we are going to learn How to Unshare/Remove or Add Numbers to Glo Data Sharing in this new year 2020.

Have you ever shared your glo data subscription with someone? We all know that at some point we definitely have a change in mind about those we are sharing our data with and want to remove them from our data subscription.

How to get a list of all contacts sharing your glo data subscription

You can get a full contact List of Shared data subscriptions
It is the most easiest way and the fastest, just as all you have to do is simply dial USSD code and boom, you have a list of all shared contacts.
To get a list of contacts presently sharing your Glo data subscriptions, simply dial USSD *127*00# or by text message (SMS) "List” to 127. Once dialed or sent, in less than a minute you should get a notification from Glo with a list of all shared contacts.
Just if no one is sharing your data subscription,
GLO will notify you " You currently have no shared data subscription with contact"

How to remove a contact from my Glo data sharing subscription?

Definitely you wouldn't want to remove everyone from your shared subscription plan, so this is how to remove a particular contact from your shared list. To terminate a number from the list of numbers you currently share your Glo data subscription with, simply dial USSD *127*02*[friend’s number]# Or by text message (SMS) “Remove [friend’s number]” and send it to 127.

Case study, After knowing all contacts sharing your data subscription and you wish to take out just one number, here is how it works open dialer and dial *127*02*08118642922# or sms “Remove 08118642922” to 127. NOTE: quotes excluded.
Now you should get a message from glo as shown below!

How can I add a contact to my shared list?

You can simply add a contact by dialing USSD *127*01*Friends Number# or by text message (SMS) " Add [Friends number] to 127.
Example *127*01*08118642922#
Example Add 08118642922 send to 127.
You can as well add/Remove contacts directly from GLO help portal
This is the easiest and fastest so far!

Second Method of how to add/remove contacts from glo data sharing

All you have to do is simple.
Ensure to use the affected GLO sim to access
Now tap on the three dotted icon at the top right side of the screen and tap on the account option.
Once done, you should see shared subscription or shared data.
Tap on it and you will see all shared contacts, simply tap on the X(delete) icon at the side of each number.
That is done

Why can't I unshare a contact after my glo subscription is over?

After my data subscription was over, I became annoyed and decided to remove everyone I shared my data subscription with, but to no avail, I wasn't able to do so. Became so frustrated and decided to call customer support for assistance, and after successfully reaching them, I was told on what to do and after then it worked like a charm.

It is very simple and for sure not everyone knows about this!
You can only remove or add a contact from your shared data subscription if and only if you have minimum available data of 200mb and above.

Final words

So if you are on this table, all you have to do is simply do a 4days data plan which cost N200. Was successful, immediately remove every number sharing your contact before they use up the data before you remove them.

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