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List of 5 Online Businesses You Can Do From Home and Actually Make Money in 2020

List of 5 Online Businesses You Can Do From Home and Actually Make Money in 2020

The online community is growing rapidly and this presents endless opportunities to the people who have skills to sell today I will be providing a List of 5 Online Businesses You Can Do From Home and Actually Make Money in 2020.

Please read this post carefully in order to understand it's content, I will be listing some way in which you can work from home and actually Make Money in 2020.

I will start with the one I think should dominate the year 2020 and beyond.

Influencer Marketing

Many might wonder what influencer marketing mean but not to worry, you are at the right post.
For some time now, influencer marketing has been replaced with celebrity endorsements.
Celebrity endorsements are listed under influencer marketing; you don’t have to be a celebrity to sell to an audience as an influencer.

You just need to have a large active audience. Such audience include Instagram followings, Twitter followings, Facebook friends and Whatsapp status viewers.

Frankly, for you to be a good influencer marketer, you need to have a large audience and actively engage them.
With the large amount of followers acquired, businesses that fall in your niche will send you ads for you to publish on your page.

So, if you have those large followings and active audience engagement at the moment, begin to get ready for some adverts and marketing products to run on your page.

Mini Importation

If you want to belong to the “Big Men Organization”, importation is the way to go.
Mini-importation is a small scale version of importation, this is a list of all you need to startup mini importation:

  1. You needto have a PC.
  2. A functional Bank account.
  3. Active internet service.
  4. A real address(be it home or office)
  5. Email address.

You need these details so that they’ll be able to track you easily. You’ll also need to know what product you want to import. Know those products and categorize them.

The next step you need to follow is to source for those products, you can get them from some companies and platforms online such as AliBaba, AliExpress, Dghate, Amazon and IPmart.

However, for you to get products from these platforms, you need to have an account; creating an account on this platform is super easy.

AliBaba and AliExpress are particularly easy to have an account on.
Note, that it’s very important that you buy products from a very reliable supplier.
After paying for your products, you anticipate delivery.

One special thing about mini importation is that you can get products at a discounted price and sell it at a higher price wherever you are.

Information Marketing

Information Marketing is closely related to content marketing.
Even you as a blogger, you can take your online side hustle to the next level by trying out informational marketing.

What is informational marketing? Well, informational marketing can be done in these few steps.

  1. Create A Content- Create a video, Write a book or make a DVD
  2. Market the Content.
  3. Sell your content.

This is one of the easiest things to do online.
If you’re a Mathematics teacher, for example, you can create a YouTube video on quadratic equation made simple.
Market it to your target market- students, tell them to share and sell your videos to make money.
This is one of the most flexible Businesses You Can Do From Home and Actually Make Money in 2020.


When the word “blogging” comes up, the first thing that comes to mind is the picture of a young, bored, enthusiastic writer, who releases his thoughts into words as a means of self-expression. I think I might be doing that right now.

I’m guessing that you have a picture of a techy nerd who sees blogging as a means of exacting his passion in your mind.
So you’re wondering how that same blogging (which seems to be a cliché in the 21st century) is going to be beneficial to your business.

Sincerely, I admit that blogging may not be the way, but it’s definitely worth give a try.
Create your website, make it great, design it beautifully, get amazing contents, it will turn out all good HIRE ME YOU CREATE , DESIGN YOUR BLOG AND ALSO SETUP SEO.
Without a blog, you may not be able to get the needed attention on the internet.
Blogging is a profitable venture, and I’m not telling you this to make you rush at this opportunity.

Blogging requires that you put in daily commitment.
Once you have a blog that ranks high, you have the opportunity to get adverts being featured on your blogs, and it is well known that adverts cost a lot.

With this few list you can make money in 2020 as a writer.

  1. Go to
  2. Create an account
  3. Take your time to write great contents (1 good content is far better than 10 worthless articles. Nobody said that, but you know it’s true!).
  4. Make sure you link every post to your blog.

  5. Use canonical to import the post so it doesn’t cannibalize your SEO.

Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate marketing? Well, “Affiliate marketing can be said to be a chain of networks involved in the promotion of products to the end-user”.

Affiliate marketing is the middleman business in the production chain.
It’s in the middle of the whole business affair.
I know you might be wondering what the difference between this and general marketing is '?' Well, the special thing about affiliate marketing is that you promote a product via your affiliate network and you become entitled to an agreed sum of money which you actually get.
It’s so cool to earn money just by promoting a product through your affiliate network.

An affiliate network basically is a link between the product seller and the final consumer.

Through the network, you’ll be able to get the product to the consumer with an attached commission.
Just to add to the aforementioned, you can have various types of products on the network where you can choose to promote any.

Final words

We hope you enjoyed this List of 5 Online Businesses You Can Do From Home and Actually Make Money in 2020 and also learnt a few things from here bookmark this page for more updates like this

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