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MTN Nigeria partners with Opera to Offer free 50mb daily

MTN Nigeria partners with Opera to Offer free 50mb daily

Many people might not be aware of the MTN giveaway currently ongoing well, I am here to break the news of MTN Nigeria partnering with Opera to Offer free 50mb daily, I am pretty sure you might be having prompted messages on your android device in regards to the free 50mb powered by opera.

This has been quite available for quite some doays now and I have been wanting to get to know the reason and finally here it is today.

Whenever that pops up don't worry or get surprised just as MTN has partnered with Opera to offer her subscribers free daily 50mb.
Having said this, you shouldn't have a thought that this is one of those cheats or hack, for this free daily 50mb is 100% official and legit by MTN Nigeria in collaboration with Opera.

Do I need A VPN To Use The Daily Free 50MB?

No not at all!
You need not any third-party application to use the free 50mb.
What Do I Need To Use The Free 50MB?
You only need Opera Mini Browser and an MTN sim card to enjoy this free 50mb data to surf the internet.

How Can I Get The Free 50MB?

It's simple and short, you only have to get Opera Mini and an MTN sim.
You need to have no active data (even if you do, no problem).
MTN in partnership with Opera is offering free internet service to everyone on her network so you should count this worth it and trusted and for sure everyone will surely get it.
Once you open your OperaMini you should see a pop up as quoted below.
Dear customer, your browsing session is sponsored by opera to tune of 50mb daily.
Congratulations you can surf the internet for free using your MTN sim and Opera Mini app.

Final words

You can get the daily free 50mb once a day!!
You can download Opera Mini HERE to enjoy daily free internet service.

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