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Bitcoin plummets parabolic, why is preparation down to 6,400 dollars?

Bitcoin is known for strong parabolic motions. The most famous increase from $ 1,000 to $ 20,000 in 2017 is the most typical parabola, marked by peaks achieved quickly and precisely that BTC jumped 60% in the weeks after reaching its peak. .

Even so, cryptocurrencies also traded down parabolic. A well-known analyst recently warned that Bitcoin's “parabolic reduction structure” is currently in shape, suggesting a more powerful collapse is approaching.

"Not many people talk about reduced parabolic structures, but they are very important to pay attention to.

This recent structure has a steeper slope than Chinese post-pump, which means that sellers will be more active.

Waiting for Bitcoin to grow from $ 8,240 "

Bitcoin possible a dramatic decrease furthermore, the predicted parabolic structure increases

CNBC Trader Jacob Canfield shared the chart below on Friday morning, showing that Bitcoin is trading in a reduced parabolic structure marked with a new low level faster and faster.

Canfield's description of the parabola shows that if Bitcoin does not surpass it, the asset will drop to $ 6,400 by the second week of March – the bottom of the range in the past few months. In some situations, BTC moved to $ 6,400 from the current price of $ 8,651, which would decrease by nearly 27%.

Price of BTC today | Source: Coinmarketcap

There are some positive signs

CryptoWolf analyst thinks that Bitcoin is maintaining the 21-week EMA (currently at $ 8,750) – the common MA used by analysts to determine asset trends. This situation refers to the “beginning of the new parabola”.

Indeed, CryptoWolf shared the chart and pointed out that the previous bull run that brought BTC from $ 1,000 to $ 20,000 was terminated by continuous increases from the 21-week EMA.

BTC appears to be poised to hold this level on its weekly chart, currently trading exactly where the MA operates. CryptoWolf's tweet implies that if Bitcoin holds the aforementioned MA, it will recover strongly in the coming weeks.

Not to mention, the basic indices of the cryptocurrency market still seem to be very positive. Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell suggested the central bank may soon cut interest rates again.

Leading analysts, both in the traditional and cryptocurrency markets, believe that monetary easing policy will be a major catalyst for Bitcoin's future growth.

Bitcoin falling below the MA has created the golden cross super bullish

Bitcoin recently created a golden cross, in which the 50-day MA closes above the 200-day MA and traders consider this to be a very bullish indicator. However, the leading cryptocurrency plummeted shortly after the formation of this cross.

BTC / USD fell below both DMA 50 and 200 at the beginning of the week, contrary to the bullish sentiment drawn from the golden cross pattern. The pair traded on Friday set a weekly low at $ 8,428 from the weekly high of $ 10,030 on US exchange Coinbase.


BTC / USD reduction under the golden cross price increases | Source:, Coinbase

Bitcoin fell into the sell trap as soon as investors began to lose confidence in global stocks and commodities. At an attractive profit peak, cryptocurrencies have become a key asset in the eyes of those seeking to make money. They sold anything to buy and ran for the security of whatever they felt heavenly.

Even gold, often considered an outdated version of digital Bitcoin, has dropped sharply before the end of the week. Investors sold it for cash, similar to how they did it during the 2008 financial crisis.

“In spite of reduced price Today, the price of gold has increased by more than 6.5% so far. However, GDX is the index of gold mining stocks are down nearly 10%. Trader still does not understand that. Gold is peaked much higher and income, Reserve value of the companies that exploit it also. Buy dip ".

Predictive power short

In general, the bearish action of Bitcoin shows that investors do not consider golden cross as a signal to enter the market. The trend also suggests that the index has very little predictive power against serious macroeconomic foundations. Sometimes, prices go up, and sometimes, they go down.

But considering the signals from the U.S. index Dow Jones that formed Cross 2019 for the first time in 3 years, we can see that they tend to give consistent positive results after 6 months or longer. The Dow has increased more than 14% since February 12, 2020, after making a golden cross on March 19 last year.

DJI also dropped below GHOST | Source:

However, the hyper-technical indicator failed, affected by the spread of Corona virus inside and outside China. As soon as the Dow fell below the golden cross in the latest sell-off, investors just want to liquidate. Thus, Bitcoin, which has increased by more than 40% before plunging, has no chance to return to the golden age.

Hope for Bitcoin tomorrow

On Friday, US Federal Reserve said bailed out the market by assuring investors that “the basic index of the US economy is still strong.” However, Chairman Jerome Powell also said that they would “act appropriately to support the economy”. Jerome Powell said:

Virus Corona poses risks of economic activity development. Federal Reserve is watching closely process development and their implications for economic prospects. "

The statements were made at the time the market called on the Fed to implement a new rate cut measure. Unlike the European Central Bank, which has moderate policies that pushed interest rates below zero, the Fed still has scope to cut itself. Specific current is 1.5% to 1.75%.

Easy borrowing can give investors more money to support their portfolio. Part of that cash could also be poured into Bitcoin, causing it to continue its upward trend on the golden cross, especially after the supply cut through the halving event in May 2020.

Disclaimer: This is not investment advice. Investors should research carefully before making a decision. We are not responsible for your investment decisions.

Minh Anh

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