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Criteria to choose the trading platform of professional traders: The second is confidential, the third is fee, so what is the first?

Criteria to choose the trading platform of professional traders: The second is confidential, the third is fee, so what is the first?

“I have to wait and receive the coin long after the transfer is completed.”

“Sellers are not online, delaying delivery of coins after transferring money, makes me very impatient”

“Wait an hour to receive the coin after the transfer, delay transactions, how much loss” …

These are the frustrations that traders often encounter in the process of buying and selling coins.

As we all know, the crypto market is a volatile market, your investment is a profit or loss that is not decided at the step you click the “buy / sell” button, but only when Those coins are actually in your wallet. Therefore, The faster the processing speed of a trading system, the lower the exchange rate difference you see on the market and the lower the actual value you receive.

HOT NEWS: On February 10, Remitano announced a commitment to refund 50% of fees for delayed transactions!

This is probably the first exchange on the market that dares to make a commitment on transaction speed to users. Specifically, Remitano will refund 50% of the transaction fee to the buyer (buyer) if they do not receive the coin within 15 minutes. For more details about the refund process, you can see more at HERE!

In the following article, we will evaluate the Remitano floor – one of the leading exchanges in Vietnam that is quite famous for its safety and security. However, whether Remitano will meet the needs of the speed of “users” set or not? Is this commitment a promise?

The “Quick” aspects of Remitano floor

1. Simple interface

Many investors often wonder, why does Remitano not have price charts like other major exchanges in the world: Bitstamp, Poloniex, Binance, … This is the downside, but also the advantages of Remitano .

Remitano's simple yet effective interface design helps all users. Even if you are new to the cryptocurrency market, you can easily understand how to trade without spending too much time and effort figuring out how the exchange works.

Simple interface

2. Sign up for an account is easy

Surely, all of us have at least 1 Email or Facebook address, right? When registering an account on Remitano, you do not have to go through cumbersome and time-consuming registration steps (enter name, email address, password, …), just enter the email, or choose the automatic login form. via Email or Facebook, the system will automatically log in based on account information.

Account registration is easy

3. Verify identity (KYC) in minutes

You just need to upload the full snapshot document identifier As required by the floor, confirmation steps and maximum Remitano feedback within 5 minutes.

4. Instant order matching speed, transaction is under 5 minutes

Just select the coin you want to trade, click “Buy now / Sell now”, your transaction will be matched and initiated immediately.

Instant order matching speed, transactions under 5 minutes

5. Online support 24/24 – Feedback in 5 minutes

If you encounter any problems during the transaction, you can seek help from the 24-hour online customer service team (the chat icon in the lower right corner) of Remitano. The Remitano Support team has support for both English and Vietnamese, making it more convenient for you to communicate, and solve problems.

Online support 24/24 - Feedback in 5 minutes

6. User experience on Remitano

If you've never traded on Remitano, check out the community review of Remitano to see if this is the ideal place to “deposit gold”!

According to data from, Remitano is rated 4.5 stars by more than 3,000 users (more than 91% of users rate 4-5 stars).

User experience on Remitano floor

The above is one of the positive reviews from a user named Damilola Samson. This trader has stated that Remitano is a safe, easy, fast, and has a great customer service team.

Safety and security are the characteristics that exchanges are focusing on developing; However, the simplicity and fast speed are what few of the current exchanges target and succeed to satisfy the most essential needs of users.

Remitano is an easy-to-follow platform to keep things moving quickly and efficiently through its products. Please experience it yourself to verify the above!

Note: This is a paid press release article, readers should research themselves before making any decision, ToiYeuBitcoin will not be responsible for any damage and loss that readers cause due to trust. content, services, empty in the article.

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