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10 great WordPress search plugins for websites


ten Great WordPress search pluginWhat is the most common online activity each time you visit the internet? Yes, search is for sure, right? Thanks to the availability from the internet, it is easy to find anything you want to know. This is why so many activities on the internet all start with search engines.

However, the search activity does not end with the search engine. WordPress has everything you can imagine, thanks to the diverse plugin archive and constantly expanding from the world's leading content management system. There is a plugin for every single object or option you want to use on your website.

In this article, I will briefly show you some of the best WordPress search plugins.

Please note the plugin included in this post is not rated. The purpose of this post is to introduce more usability and the ability to use search plugins with WordPress websites.

  1. Relevanssi – Better search


Relevanssi looks for plugins that are great in their own right. This plugin helps improve keyword spelling correction. It also supports more features than WordPress. This search plugin is also created to show the visitors' profile items along with the search term frequently used in queries.

This search plugin, you get the latest, most relevant search results. It has used as well as a combination of tools to search for relevant information. The Relevanssi plugin indexes shortcodes, custom post types, etc.It provides automatic support with the multilingual WPML plugin.

  1. Search Everything


To improve your WordPress search functionality without ever changing template themes, you trust the Search Everything plugin. You can easily adjust it to fit your website's requirements.

It also helps you find attachments, comments and drafts easily. By using this search plugin, users specify their own type of search. However, this plugin does not work effectively on documents protected by passwords.

  1. Better Search


Better Search helps visitors on your website, find information with them without spending too much time. It is quick, giving you the opportunity to check out the most popular searches.

Along with this plugin, you can also customize the query specific output. The search engine inside this plugin works on the title, the content contains the main phrase.

4. Custom Search by BestWebSoft


If you want to install an optimized search plugin on your WordPress website, then the Custom Search by BestWebSoft plugin is the best looking WordPress website plugin for you. You are expanding your functionality by developing the type of post you are on.

This search plugin is available in three languages ​​other than English, including Spanish, Russian, and Ukrainian. Therefore, you easily attract visitors from different cultures and identities. Plus, it's free to download and install. It is perfectly fine for beginners.

  1. WordPress Sphinx Search Plugin

The WordPress Sphinx Search plugin is a feature rich, optimized plugin that supports the Sphinx search system. This plugin makes the search function on your website extremely fast and powerful by replacing the default search engine in WordPress.

This plugin helps users find relevant information based on keywords very quickly. This plugin makes it easy to find posts, files and comments.

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  1. Dave's WordPress Live Search


Want to keep track of what visitors are looking for on your website? Dave's WordPress Live Search is a unique plugin that helps you track activity from users at real time intervals

This plugin has a search function directly on your WordPress website. Therefore, when this plugin works, you will get results as soon as visitors stop typing queries in the search bar. This plugin also supports Language or WPML plugin for international users.

  1. WooCommerce Predictive Search


What happens if you are running an ecommerce website using WooCommerce on WordPress? Do not worry! WooCommerce Predictive Search plugin is the best search plugin with your WordPress eCommerce website. It is incredible search plugin that works really fast.

Once installed on your WooCommerce website, it will find relevant results without any delay and present all information related to the product available, including thumbnails, Pictures, details, etc.

  1. SearchWP


Developed by Jonathan Christopher, the SearchWP plugin has become the optimal choice for WordPress websites due to its diverse functionality. It uses logic as well as a tool combination when searching for keywords and queries.

Thanks to this plugin, you have a comprehensive view of search statistics related to your website. It also indexes content in PDF files. By using this great plugin, you also disable the search option at specific posts, keywords, titles or fields on your side.

  1. Swiftype Search


The Swiftype Search plugin is the most sophisticated and intelligent search plugin available with the WordPress website. It gives you the opportunity to track user behavior on your website. This plugin also helps you to rearrange search keywords and title tags.

Thanks to this plugin, you get powerful analytics tools along with the developer API. Such a feature is very useful if you have a WordPress website with lots of content. This plugin provides a more relevant search than the default search bar on WordPress. In addition, the search results are automatically updated with this plugin.

  1. Yolink

Yolink Search for WordPress is a search plugin that helps you get search information related to your access. One of the best advantages of this plugin is that it supports multiple features. It retrieves relevant results based on keywords.

With this plugin, you also control the type of searches on your website, thus excluding certain types of searches, which may not be relevant to your visitors.


There are countless search plugins available with websites provided by WordPress. Here only lists 10 of the plubgin lots. We always appreciate recommending and building ideas from you about other search plugins that should be included in this list. Please contribute your opinion on our website.

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