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200 million XRP are traded between anonymous wallets, while big fans slowly drift away

There have been 3 huge XRP transfers made on the Ripple network. In it, 200 million XRP were deposited between anonymous wallets, equivalent to $ 47,639,857. This proves that although the price of XRP is nothing special, the community is still loyal and interested in XRP strongly.

200 million XRP has been delivered

Today, a total of 200 million XRP have been delivered in the market in just 3 transactions. However, these transactions are made between anonymous wallet addresses. Therefore, it is unknown what their purpose is.

However, according to data provided by Bithomp specializing in XRP transactions, all wallets related to this 200 million XRP are linked to the OTCBTC exchange. As you may know, OTCBTC is a fairly large OTC exchange in Asia.

XRP fan Robert Art shared his thoughts on XRP, saying that he hopes institutional investors will eventually be interested in XRP. And according to him, they will 'pump billions of dollars' and help XRP reach trillions of dollars in market capitalization.

Recently, Market capitalization index is at VND 120 billion dollars, nearly 60%. 1% of Black Rock's assets".

There are still mixed opinions

It seems that the price and shocking words to promote the price and development of Ripple did not make many people happy. According to DIY Investing investor, XRP is no longer the main focus of his investment. Even so, he acknowledges that he is still excited about the token's prospects.

However, in early 2020, he expanded his portfolio to XTZ and ETH. Those assets have yielded more profits than XRP so far.

I was really hype XRP and it's still the same

But right now, I decided to move my portfolio in New Year.

Switching to XTZ and ETH helped me earn more money".

Trader Scott Melker also recently said he has received payments in XRP. And indeed, this transaction came very quickly. However, he doesn't want to be paid with XRP anymore but doesn't explain why.

Someone fit pay me XRP, so I have to repeat … It is very fast. "

I also want people cease Pay me with XRP".

XRP transactions are still cheaper than Bitcoin or ETH

As AZCoin News reported that, despite being a Bitcoin fan, Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple, believes that Bitcoin will consume more energy.

In a recent interview with Julia Chatterley of CNN First Move, Garlinghouse confirmed BTC ownership but that doesn't mean he thinks Bitcoin is perfect.

In a new tweet, Garlinghouse commented that the energy consumption of the Bitcoin and ETH network is huge. The amount of energy needed to run Bitcoin now equals Chile's electricity consumption.

"Nmomentum consume for work Mining BTC and ETH is a huge waste and therefore, there is no incentive to be responsible for carbon emissions. Csurely This is not the focus on the agenda about Climate crisis is on the rise".

In response to Garlinghouse, Gabor Gurbacs, director of digital asset strategy at investment management firm VanEck, said:

first. Mining power consumption is a necessary (not faulty) feature for Bitcoin's POW consensus algorithm, which makes Bitcoin safe, no need for allowed and decentralized.

2. Banks and payment companies use huge amounts of energy.

3. Don't try to change white to black ".

According to a recent research paper by digital asset management firm Coinshares, the majority of the energy that Bitcoin consumes comes from renewable sources. Bitcoin mining is mainly located in global regions where there is ample supply of renewable electricity.

He shared:

"We carefully calculated the utilization rate of renewable energy among the types of energy used for the Bitcoin mining network and found a 74.1% result, making Bitcoin mining dependent on renewable energy. creating more than most other large scale industries in the world. "

The stories revolve around XRP and its fans

Data scientist Geoff Golberg was banned on Twitter on July 29, 2019, for abusive behavior. Therefore, he sued Twitter for banning his account after he used offensive language against bots.

In the lawsuit, Golberg emphasized that the very existence of an dishonest account violated Twitter's terms of service. The case was prepared by 'old-time' experts on cryptocurrency Stephen Palley and Preston Byrne of Anderson Kill. The plaintiff is claiming damages from $ 25,000 to $ 50,000 and reactivating the account with more than 12,000 followers.

Golberg spent years analyzing, revealing bot accounts and not authenticating on Twitter. Through his research, he revealed networks with fake account advertising tokens, accounts associated with an Iranian political organization and the Billboard Music Awards, etc.

In lawsuit, Golberg asserts that he is often threatened by 'bad mouthers' and 'murderous killers' by bad actors.

While acknowledging Twitter “has full authority to grant, reject, modify or revoke permission to censor content or use the platform at any time,” Golber believes that such right cannot be exercised. arbitrary test:

"That decision is not infinite and New York law cannot be arbitrarily exercised. For a malicious purpose, any ticket seller can sell baseball fans a ticket to the game, take money from the fans and then refuse to enter the court simply because the fans grave cheers for the visitors ".

Thuy Trang

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