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Add live chat plugin in BuddyPress


Add live chat plugin in BuddyPressWhen you're done setting up BuddyPress, you need to start advertising because social media is all about communication. Therefore, today I will share with you how you add a live chat application to your BuddyPress website. For this you need to install live chat. Currently, there are countless plugins available on the market, although there are few that are free but not suitable because they are not updated regularly, so this will be a flaw to bring down your entire website. However, communicating online via social media is the most engaging way of chatting with us right now.

Here, we will use the iFlyChat WordPress plugin compatible with BuddyPress. By using this plugin, visitors can communicate with each other.

Step 1: Install the iFlyChat Plugin

  • Log into “WordPress Admin Panel” ..
  • Navigate to “Plugins> Add New”.
  • From the top right, search for iFlyChat '.
  • Click on “Install Now”, as shown.
  • After installation, click on “Activate Plugin”


Step 2: Configure iFlyChat

Navigate to Settings> iFlyChat.

You will see a list of options from which you configure your chat bar.

However, to run live chat on the BuddyPress website with you, you created an account on the iFlyChat website to get the API key.


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Step 3: Get the API key:

To get an API key from iFlyChat, open your browser and go to

Click “Sign Up” from the upper right corner.


Enter your information.


After creating your account, you will see the picture below.

Click on create new API key.


You will be asked to enter the URL of your website.

Enter your website URL then click “Generate API key”.


“Copy main API” from here.


Step 4: Set the API key

Back to “WordPress Admin Panel”.

Navigate to “Settings> iFlyChat”, “Paste API key”.


Now you can watch live chat on your website.


Step 5: Customize iFlyChat:

Back to “WordPress Admin Panel”. with you.

Navigate to “Settings> iFlyChat”

Scroll down slowly, you will see custom chat bar directly with you.

Please change according to your needs.

And you're done!

Adding real-time chat to your social media website will help improve engagement. The key to success with social websites is the number of people participating in the website. We have added the iFlyChat plugin, however, you can add any other plugin you want to add if it suits your needs. If you have any problems installing the plugin or working with the plugin in the live chat, please contact us in the comment section below, we are here to help.

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