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Binance boss rejected Okex's offer to help by blocking the watch, the floor was restored after a few minutes.

Binance was once again frozen today due to “brokerage message issue”. As the Binance developers were trying to overcome the frustrating mood, OKEx CEO Jay Hao offered a helping hand. However, he was blocked outright by CZ on Twitter.


Changpeng Zhao – CEO Binance

Trading paused on Binance again to enter today

Thanks to new and innovative business efforts, Binance has gotten better day by day. However, the issue of suspending trading on the platform today adds to a range of issues that have caused Binance a headache.

After the incident, CZ simply stated:

"The transaction was suspended due to brokerage message issues. We are fixing".

After the event, it was entirely understandable that the market had to shake its head in frustration and began to lash out with comments like:

What happened in the past month? You can stop worsening features and back Is one Strong trading platform OK is not?”


This happens often".

But an outstanding answer is not simply because of the helpful suggestions but also for the message. OKEx CEO Jay Hao asked CZ if he needed help.

CZ rejected the 'help' offer CEO Okex

CEO Jay Hao of rival trading platform OKEx gave some technical advice to CZ. He said that “Kafka” is not enough for a trading system, which means brokers will always occur and ask CZ if they need help?

Technically, Kafka is a message queue system, it is not enough for the trading system so brokerage issues will always occur. Need help?”

Finally, Binance has taken control of the situation. The problem is fixed just a few minutes later. Traders are also given “a few minutes” to cancel orders before trading again.

"The problem has been adjusted. The system comes back online after “a few” minutes. My best guess would be 15-30 minutes. But I am often wrong.

Will have few minutes to cancel Comeinand before resuming trading. “

CZ did not answer Hao. Instead, he blocked Hao's Twitter account.

“It looks like my help was immediately denied.”

He also pointed out that CEO Binance considers the blockchain community to be “open and free” and emphasized that it was “my fault”.

"It seems my help has been denied immediately. I think CZ Binance believes that the blockchain community is open and free. LahMy pity. "

It is unclear whether Kafka will cause problems as CEO OKEx suggested or CZ views the opponent's reaction as a gimmick for his own exchange rather than a genuine offer?

The only thing that is accurate right now is that the Binance system issues have been fixed and stopped paying attention.

After Binance suddenly stopped working, the market was in red. The top 8 coins by market cap are all down, but the exchange's BNB native token increased slightly by 0.51% with the current trading price of $ 20.

You can see the price BNB here.

Minh Anh

According to Bitcoinist

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