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Interesting facts behind the heroes in Auto Chess Mobile - Knowledge-sharing blog

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The heroes in Auto Chess Mobile are designed to be diverse in appearance, size, species, …

Most of the heroes are fictional creatures created, but among them are heroes inspired by real characters and phenomena.

Therefore, today I will join you to learn about the heroes derived from real things.

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I. Special heroes in Auto Chess Mobile

#first. Siren ($ 4)

Siren is a Marine and Hunter-type hero. This hero is famous for the ability to control extremely powerful skills can petrify rival heroes looking at her.

auto-heroes-in-hero-in-auto-chess-mobile (2)

This is a hero that many players prefer because of the ability to control to create a big advantage in matches.

It can be said that from the appearance to the skill of Siren are familiar with the figure of an extremely famous character in Greek Mythology. The character I say here is none other than the terrifying Medusa monster.

For those of you who don't know, Medusa is an extremely violent demon with a scary appearance. Medusa's hair is full of small snakes, the lower body is a snake's tail especially the ability to petrify all living things when looking into Medusa's eyes.

In your opinion, is Siren the iconic Medusa image? Please comment in the comments section!

#2. Berserker ($ 4)

Berserker is a Glacier hero and Warrior. A typical gladiator model with a good team ability, this is the Hero with the fastest attack speed in Auto Chess Mobile.

auto-heroes-in-hero-in-auto-chess-mobile (5)

Although not possessing skills, but with the passive Cuồng kích Attack speed can be stacked up multiple times to help Berserkers to deal massive damage.

In Norse Mythology, Berserkers are strong and powerful warriors who fight their fury.

Although just ordinary people living in cold areas, the strength of Berserker's warriors is the fear of many lands.

The same name has the same power, it's understandable that Berserker has such a great power in Auto Chess Mobile. Perhaps the Berserker of the Glacier (ice clan) also originated from the warriors of Norse Mythology.

# 3. God of War ($ 1)

God of War belongs to the Divinity and the Warriors. As one of the special heroes without hand damage, the God of War's ability to resist is extremely respectable.

auto-heroes-in-the-hero-in-auto-chess-mobile (1)

Skills Mãnh kích while helping the Hero reduce the damage suffered and reflect large area damage to the opponent.

God of War or God of War in general refers to many Gods in many different myths.

However, among the myths, the god with the most similar image is probably Mars – the god of war in Roman mythology.

With a shield and resistance, this is probably the inspiration to create God of War.

There are many war gods, do you think like me? But no matter what god the ability of God of War is still very strong and effective.

# 4. God of Thunder ($ 5)

God of thunder belongs to the Divinity and Mage family. As the hero with the greatest magic damage ability and the ability to aim most targets, God of Thunder has a great influence in Auto Chess Mobile.

auto-heroes-in-hero-in-auto-chess-mobile (3)

Skill Lôi điện Creates lightning strikes at opposing heroes according to probability with huge magic damage.

Unlike God of War, when it comes to God of Thunder, many people think of first as the god of Greek mythology – Zeus.

Supreme god of Greece with a weapon Tia chớp The thunder control, the tall, bearded appearance are all consistent with God of Thunder.

The power of God of thunder is somehow based on the power of Zeus. Do you think this is the strongest hero in Auto Chess Mobile or not?

# 5. Tortola Elder ($ 4)

Tortola Elder belongs to the Human race and the Mage generation. This is a hero whose damage depends entirely on skill.

With his ability to deal huge magic damage over a wide range, this hero can cause the opponent's team to collapse in the shock of damage.

auto-heroes-in-hero-in-auto-chess-mobile (4)

Looking at the appearance of Tortola Elder, few people can guess the origin of this hero. However skills Kamekameha is the key to this hero's identity.

Not any strange character, is The old man was born in the popular manga Dragon Ball. Attention to the appearance, with the turtle turtle that Tortola Elder sat on is the turtle turtle behind his back.

The power and power of Kamekameha's skills are not inferior to the original version. This is a clear evidence for the saying “The older the ginger is spicy”.

II. Epilogue

Above is his article about Interesting facts about the origin of the heroes in Auto Chess Mobile.

I will learn and send you more interesting information about other heroes in Auto Chess. If you have any questions or comments please comment below!

I wish you happy gaming 🙂

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