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Put English for administrators on multilingual website

Put English for administrators on multilingual websiteHaving multilingual websites opens the door to attracting visitors around the globe. However, not everyone knows many languages ​​for developing such websites. What if you want to set English as the default for administrators at WordPress?

In fact, this is not too difficult to do. Simple plugin for changing languages ​​at the admin screen quickly and simply.

This is a little different than using something like Google Translate to switch the look of your website. When that benefits visitors, I am learning more about WordPress admin screens.

Here, I will show you how to set English admin at WordPress with multilingual website.

Method 1: Use Simple Admin Language Change

First, let's see the simple admin language change plugin. This is a very user-friendly tool that simply provides a way to switch languages ​​in your website backend.

Install and then activate, Simple Admin Language Change.


Access settings from the left admin panel at WordPress.


Scroll to the bottom of the settings screen. Using the drop-down menu, select the user admin language on the website.


Click, Save Changes at the bottom to change the administrator language.


This sets the WordPress user language for administrators to be English or whatever you like.

NOTE: According to the developer, this plugin conflicts with the Widgets SiteOrigin Website Pack tool. This is an extension of Site Builder from SiteOrigin. The problem is that it prevents the javascript popup on the Widgets page.

However, you still make the plugin work if you do not use that feature.

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Method 2: Use the Admin Language Per User

The next plugin I want to show you is the Admin Language Per User. This is useful for users who log in speak different languages. For example, you set English when the author has chosen another language.

If people from all over the world contribute to your website, this WordPress language plugin saves time and does not cause frustration.

Install and then activate, Admin Language Per User.


The plugin adds new features to the profile of every user at WordPress. This means that you have set the admin language for each user instead of the entire backend.

You have several ways to change the language. You go into each account yourself and then make changes or users do so in their own profile.

Go to the online user tool at WordPress.


Click on any account you own at the website.


Scroll down until you go through the “Site Language” section.


Using the drop-down list changes the user language. As you can see, I only selected English. However, if you are running a multilingual website, you will find that the language you have installed is available.


Click the “Update Profile” button at the bottom.


The reason I like this particular plugin more than others is that users can set their own preferences. And if you have many people helping you create web Great multilingual, it streamlines the experience for everyone.

Make language easier for yourself and others

Setting English for administrators at WordPress keeps the content focused while making the backend easier to manage. Whether you target marketing to foreign countries or some countries, it will help you maintain website maintenance easier.

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