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TeamViewer 14

TeamViewer 14 Full as well as previous versions, you can use it to access your computer over the internet, can restore some important documents you have left at home. Or you can use it to remotely control another PC where TeamViewer is also installed; so if a friend has a technical problem, you can log in to their system, even through most firewalls and troubleshoot computer problems as if you were sitting in front of it.

TeamViewer 14 Full what's new?

  1. Better performance for low bandwidth
  2. Reasonable server infrastructure. To increase stability and uptime.
  3. Improve connection quality. Provides better connection speeds across the globe.
  4. Optimized for best performance on macOS Mojave. TeamViewer uses the latest macOS Mojave technologies.
  5. TeamViewer pilot. Solve off-screen problems using augmented reality.
  6. Custom device information. So you have all the relevant information at your fingertips.
  7. Advanced equipment grouping. To organize equipment easier and quick reference.
  8. Execute the script once. Perform repetitive processes with one click.
  9. Increase accessibility to customer support. Provide more efficient service to increase customer satisfaction.
  10. Dark mode for Windows, Linux and Mac
  11. New design. Enjoy a cleaner, more efficient TeamViewer experience.
  12. New iOS screen sharing process. The first solution for iOS remote support is even better.?
  13. Reliable device management. Many management options for optimal protection.
  14. GDPR compliance

What is TVTools AlterID v2.0?

TVTools tool AlterID v2
TeamViewer 14 Full

TVTools tool AlterID v2.0 is a lightweight tool and it's completely free. The function of this tool is that you can reset the ID of TeamViewer software . TVTools AlterID has 3 ID reset options: Trial (7-day trial with full features), Free (Limited to include ads) and Delete (return to original ID). Here are the 3 types of details that this tool can do:
  • Trial (Trial) - reset ID, restart TeamViewer, register new ID with trial license.
  • Free (Free) - reset ID, restart TeamViewer, register new ID with free license.
  • Wipe - Returns the original ID received when you start TeamViewer for the first time.

Download TVTools AlterID v2.0

Download TVTools_AlterID_v2.0 Link Fshare
So you can use this compact TVTools AlterID tool to reset TeamViewer 's ID  So you can use TeamViewer software permanently, regardless of the version, the current version is version 14, you can still use it to reset. From measurement you do not need to buy TeamViewer license key anymore.
I would like to speak through the operation of this tool.
  1. After TVTools AlterID software is launched, it will do that to determine the TeamViewer installation path, so TeamViewer must be running or AlterID must be in the TeamViewer folder. On the other hand, AlterID will ask you to specify the path to TeamViewer and if the path cannot be determined, it will complete its work.
  2. If the Trial mode is selected by default, after 7 days, the trial license will end. After that, you must renew the trial license for another 7 days or restart AlterID to reset the ID.
  3. If at the time of TeamViewer ID reset is launched, it will restart. On the other hand, one of the AlterID directories that are started has been launched or the path specified at startup (in the previous version is another way).
  4. TVTools AlterID will not work after applying patches to change the way to get UUID (eg patch from vcart).
  5. If after applying AlterID, you decide to use 5.x Launcher, then start AlterID in Delete mode. 
    AlterID's work is not dependent on TeamViewer version, so you can update TeamViewer to the current build at any time.

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