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What is Binance Cloud? Things to know about Binance Cloud | Money Blog

Binance is the world's most liquid cryptocurrency exchange.

With the trading volume, many pairs are among the leading exchange rates currently.

Binance sales orders account for more than 50% of the global market volume.

Using Binance Cloud service of Binance you will be very beneficial in reaching a large customer base.

High security system

Your cryptocurrency exchange will be absolutely protected by Binance's security system.

Binance will manage risk, ensure the assets for your users are safe.

Stable network

Binance Cloud has a stable network system, ensuring your trading platform will run smoothly.

Even at peak times, Binance's powerful support tools will provide full access to the exchange as quickly as possible.


Binance Cloud will help you personalize the construction of your exchange most effectively.


You will be completely independent of: your token, how to operate the floor ..

Your exchange will operate independently, by listing the coins themselves and managing the contents of the exchange.

Set up your own cryptocurrency exchange


Binance has a team of consultants to assist you throughout the setup process.

Discuss your business needs, including KYC and legal compliance.

As well as the type of operation and features required.


When you register, you will send to Binance the domain name and trademark.

And other specifications so Binance can start setting up the exchange.


While preparing to launch an exchange, you can log in to the control panel to add trading pairs.

Or add banner promoting floor and adjust many other things ..


When your exchange has any issues, you can quickly contact Binance's online support team.

What does Changpeng Zhao say about Binance Cloud?

Speaking about Binance Cloud in an interview with Cointelegraph, CEO Binance CZ said:

This new service will be responsible for expanding Binance's network

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) was thinking when he decided to launch this service.

CZ states:

This is exactly what the crypto market is lacking. We (Binance) look forward to sharing the great features of Binance with the Binance Cloud.

Hopefully Binance Cloud will be built to help people get closer to cryptocurrency.

Binance will create favorable conditions for its partners to set up their exchanges in the most convenient and efficient manner.

The goal of the project is nothing more than the desire to bring the value of cryptocurrency to everyone

However, CZ also noted that Binance was not the first name to come up with this idea.

Finally, CZ reiterates that the Binance Cloud was built with the aim of providing access to cryptocurrencies for anyone around the globe.

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