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What is Onpage SEO? 16 Onpage SEO Optimization Techniques For 2020

When it comes to Onpage SEO, surely you have heard of factors like meta title, meta keywords, or keyword density, ….

But have you ever synthesized it to form a reasonable Onpage SEO strategy, if you are looking for the most important onpage SEO elements that in all projects can be applied in practice then surely This article is for you.

What is Onpage SEO?

Onpage SEO is a method of website optimization for the purpose of improving the website's search rankings. Compared with the offpage SEO method, this is a method that saves you and the business a lot of cost and time.

And now we will learn 16 important onpage factors and strongly influence your website in 2018, 2019 and the coming years. Especially if your website is made with WordPress source code, we will show you how to optimize this source code.

Friendly path

Google once claimed that one SEO standard URL is a short URL of 3-5 words. We also did a lot of research and found that a website consisting of short URLs usually has an advantage over those with bad URLs.

From a user perspective, users will also like short URLs, and especially they can look at URLs and understand the content of the site.

So bad links are links

Example: (Bad url) (Url is too long)

So keep it short and simplify the URL. For example:

If your website is made with WordPress, then you just need to go to Settings – Static Path and choose the appropriate path type.

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The title begins with the keyword

Title tags are the most important Onpage SEO element you need to optimize

In addition to helping Google understand what your website is about, shaping keywords for that url, it also helps users to access the website more.

The closer a title is to the first position, the easier it will be for Google to rank your site. Below is an example title of an article about seo tool on the website.

spage onpage

For headline keywords is the leading solution to optimize title tags, but not necessarily put first. You can put keywords anywhere in the title, depending on the goal you aim for. You should not stereotype, as that will make your title less attractive to readers.

-> SEO is to sell more, see how SEODO uses Google Tag Manager to increase sales efficiency for your website.

Use an attractive title

Should use words that attract readers, which are the characters (@, -. |), Which are numbers (2018, 2019), which are rankings (TOP 5, TOP 50, …). Adding these words will make the title more interesting, leading to increased website traffic.

The example above is the title of this article itself, here I use many numbers, certainly this title is more attractive than the title “Methods to optimize onpage”.

Set title tags as H1 tags

The H1 tag is the tag that covers the content of the article, so Google considers it the most important tag, taking the H1 tag to read first.

spage onpage

Please view the source code to see the website code immediately to check if your title is H1. If not, contact the website designer to help them make this optimal step.

If your source code is WordPress, the default article title will be the H1 tag, so in many cases your website is Wp, you can rest assured with this factor.

Add multimedia to content

Content in words will help Google crawl your site better, but if a site has a high bounce rate, low page retention time, then gradually your site will also be underestimated. and dropped the rankings,

To fix this, you should add more multimedia to the article. Those are related, attractive images, which are videos, diagrams, etc. Adding more multimedia to the site helps users interact with the website better, increasing the perceived value of the users. Use on website.

In each of our projects too, images and videos are numerous, and effective for users and then keyword rankings are significantly improved.

Add extra keywords to H2

Before starting to write the content, everyone has prepared several keyword groups, in which each group will include many keywords that will be in the same content.

At that time, please bring the sub-focus keywords placed on the H2 tag, this step will help Google understand the small content of the article.

spage onpage

From a user perspective, splitting content and placing it on the H2 tag also makes it easier for them to access content, easily find what they need.

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Keywords present in the first 100 words

These are the first lines of content that Google will read when visiting your site, so add keywords to the first 100 words of your site.

This is a fairly simple step so you can insert keywords into the first 100 words to naturally bring without annoying users.

spage onpage

Mobile friendly

Google has said that websites that are not mobile friendly will not get very good results in search rankings. This has been in effect since 2015, but the end of 2018 and early 2019 is the real sweep.

Currently, the number of active users is even 4-5 times and far exceeds that of other media users like laptops. The future technology trend is mobile, so instead of focusing on the old laptop, you should optimize the website to fit mobile now.

There are many ways to fix this problem. You can contact the website designer right away for people to redesign your website a new mobile interface. But if your website is WordPress, then most theme manufacturers have already designed their own mobile versions.

google amp

Also you can refer immediately to ways to make website mobile friendly by Google proposes.

Use outbound links

A mistake made by many SEOs is to restrict outbound links, but this is a very important website optimization method. Part of Google will evaluate the content of your site more easily through the content you link out. But when linking out, make sure of the following:

  • Only link to quality websites with similar topics
  • Set rel = nofollow
  • Set opens a new tab
  • Don't put anchor text as a keyword of your own URL.

spage onpage

The image above is an example of an outgoing url that I have focused on this article, which is the url to a Google url, rel = nofollow

Use internal links

Internal linking is the backbone of your website. The role of internal links is important:

  • Navigate users, keep users in the website longer
  • Move customers from leads to customers online
  • Navigate the Google Bot, making it easier for bots to index more websites.
  • Shape the keyword corresponding to the landing page through the keyword anchor text.
  • Create a Page Rank run in the website, helping the website form a solid flow system

spage onpage

The image above is an example of an internal Wiki link, if you pay close attention, the internal link system of the Wiki forms a matrix that makes users stay on the website for a long time.

Take a look at the 6 Internal Link strategies that SEODO has used very effectively for many projects

Website speed up

Google has stated that website speed is a website ranking factor. There are many tools for you to check the speed of the website (Google Speed, Gtmetrix, Pingdom, …).

According to statistical data, 75% of customers leave the website when waiting for more than 4 seconds. So check the website speed right away and improve it immediately

spage onpage

Above is the speed score of checked by GTmetrix tool.

-> See now 10+ SEO analysis tools that SEODO regularly uses

Keyword synonyms

Adding more synonymous keywords to the site will help users and Google better understand the content on the site.

Adding more keywords will reduce the keyword map down, increasing the nature of the article. If the article is on the top, in addition to the main keyword, many of those synonymous keywords will be able to top and bring a certain amount of traffic to the site.

To find the synonyms is very simple, you just need to type the keyword into and scroll down the page to see the synonym keywords suggested by Google.

16 Keys To Onpage SEO Optimization For Website 2018

For example, if I type the keyword SEO service, the keyword synonyms as in the picture will appear.

Optimize images

There are a few things to keep in mind for optimizing your images:

  • Rename images from your computer before uploading to the website
  • Add captions and alt text for websites (for image seo websites)
  • The text around an image talks about the content of the image
  • Compress images before uploading to your website, usually you should compress images over 150kb.

16 Keys To Onpage SEO Optimization For Website 2018

Use social share button

Social network signals are not a direct factor in keyword rankings, but it is proof that your website content is quality. Of course, the more content the social network shares, the more likely that content will be appreciated by Google. Many readers also look at it evaluating the quality of the content.

So you should put social sharing button on your website right now if your website doesn't have it yet. Currently our website uses the Monarch plugin of Eleganttheme provider.

16 Keys To Onpage SEO Optimization For Website 2018

Post long content

A long content is always appreciated by Google. We have done a lot of research on many websites, and we realized that a long content site will usually have better results.

spage onpage

The above chart was surveyed on 1,000 different websites, with this data showing that a website with long content will be ranked better, the rankings fluctuate in a descending trend with the number of words of the site. .

If you pay close attention, all our articles on are over 1,000 words.

Increase comments

An article with many comments proves:

  • Quality content
  • The content has many pictures installed
  • The content is receiving great attention

And Google understands this, will appreciate an article with many comments and comments.


Above are 16 keys for you Onpage Seo optimization that SEODO has synthesized

Hopefully this checklist will help you easier in the process of website optimization and achieve higher rankings.

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Doan Kien / Founder SEODO

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