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What is skrill? Latest registration, verification, deposit / withdrawal instructions 2020 -

Skrill is an online payment gateway, an electronic wallet that is familiar to MMOs (Make Money Online) and those who play online betting. In the foreign exchange market, Skrill is also chosen by many forex brokers as a deposit and withdrawal method for investors' trading accounts. With flexible, fast and safe features, Skrill has become one of the most popular electronic wallets today, besides Neteller, Paypal, Payoneer …

For forex investors, especially new traders, when starting to learn about payment methods on this market, they came across many names such as Skrill, Neteller, WebMoney, PerfectMoney … and felt them It seems very difficult to use and not for Vietnamese traders, so they often choose forms like Visa / Master cards or Internet banking but do not know that e-wallets are very easy to use and secure. safe but fast. Therefore, in this article, we will show you how to use Skrill in the most detailed way, thereby, you will have more choices in the payment methods, thereby adding criteria Chi chooses forex trading reputable and best suits you.

What is skrill?

Skrill is an electronic wallet with the function of providing online payment platform for activities such as betting, shopping, playing games … and for all other online payment activities.

Skrill e-wallet is a product of Paysafe Group, a corporation with 20 years of experience in the payment field. London-based Paysafe offers a wide range of products and services such as e-wallets, credit cards, payment platforms, etc. to businesses and customers around the world.

Skrill is directly managed by Skrill Limited, a subsidiary of the Paysafe group, which is authorized and regulated by FCA – UK Financial Control Authority under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 (Electricity Money Regulations (2011) on the release of cryptocurrencies and payment instruments. Therefore, in terms of reliability, you can feel secure when opening an account and making payment transactions at Skrill.

Function of Skrill e-wallet

With an email address and password, you can already own a Skrill e-wallet to perform various activities such as:

  • Send money to any foreign or domestic bank account.
  • Receive money from any one person and from all over the world, through many ways to Skrill wallet.
  • Pay online for activities like betting, gaming, shopping or forex investing.
  • Buy, sell and convert cryptocurrencies.

Fee schedule of Skrill e-wallet

Deposit fee

  • Bitcoin, Neteller and paysafecard: 1% fee
  • All remaining forms: 0%

Withdrawal fee

  • Withdraw money to Visa / Master cards: 7.5% fee
  • Withdrawal to bank account: fee of 4.61 GBP (5.5 EUR)

Send and receive fee

  • Send money to an international bank account: free
  • Deposit money to a domestic bank account (same country as your account): 2%
  • Receive money: free

Currency conversion fee

  • Currency converter: 3.99% fee on currency exchange
  • Electronic currency transactions are subject to currency conversion fee if the currency of the account is not EUR with a 1.5% fee

There are also fees such as cryptocurrency buying / selling fees, account management fees, etc.

Instructions to open a Skrill e-wallet account

Opening a Skrill wallet account is completely free. Everyone in the world can register for an account, only need to meet the following 2 conditions:

  • Over 18 years.
  • Have one of the following documents: Identity Card, Passport, Identification Card, Driver's License … to verify your account.

Open an account

First, you can access the homepage of Skrill at or you can quickly access it by clicking the button below:

Open a Skrill account

The homepage of Skrill will appear as shown below:

To start an account, click the button REGISTER at the top right of the screen.

Then enter the required information in the registration form.

All information is entered in Vietnamese without diacritics.

  • First Name: enter the Name + Middle name.
  • Last Name: Enter the Last Name.
  • Email: enter the email you used to register your Skrill account.
  • Password: at least 8 characters, including letters and numbers.

After entering, press the button REGISTER to complete.

Skrill's account registration system has now made some changes, previously, after clicking the button REGISTER, the system will continue to ask you to provide additional personal information and conduct account verification, but now, after pressing the button REGISTER, the system will direct you to the personal account area. However, here, you still cannot perform any activities before verifying your account.

The personal account management page has the following interface:

Here, to conduct additional personal information and verify the account, you choose Deposit on the left sidebar, then select Deposit Now in any form.

The system will display a dialog box, you enter the correct personal information into it.

  • Address: The address entered must match the address on the type of document you use to verify your account.
  • City: city or province.
  • Postal Code: Postal code of the city or province. This code you can find on Google, note the lookup of the latest updated postal codes.
  • Phone number: enter your phone number, remove the first 0 away.

All information enter Vietnamese without diacritical marks, enter and press Next.

Then, the system will send to your phone a 6-digit code, enter that code in the box as shown below and then press Verify.

If after 10 minutes you still do not receive the code via your phone number, you can click on the word Send code to email, the system will immediately send the code via email to you.

Then, to secure your account, the system requires you to create a 6-digit PIN, which can be asked when you log into your account or make deposits and withdrawals.

After entering the PIN code, you press Save. Note: to avoid forgetting your PIN or password, you should save them somewhere, so that when you forget you can open it again.

After pressing the button Save, the screen will return to the home page of the personal account area.

At this point, you can start making transactions such as depositing / withdrawing, sending / receiving money, buying coins or paying online … However, to make the account more secure, you should install. additional security measures that Skrill provides such as security authentication via phone number, email or manage login devices and conduct account verification.

Account security settings

At the homepage, you choose Settings In the sidebar on the left of the screen, then select Security then click the button Manage at the box Authentication methods.

Here you will see that the Email and PIN have been activated security because at the verification of the phone number, we did not receive the code, so we have switched to email authentication, so now we will Try validating the phone number again. For you, if the system has just sent a code to your phone, the system will display as Mobile and PIN: Enabled and Email: SET UP.

To conduct authentication of the remaining element (email or mobile), click on the word SET UP. Then enter your phone number or email, then enter the code that the system sends you.

Verify your Skrill account

The purpose of account verification is to make your Skrill wallet more secure, and to increase the limit of receiving and transferring money.

To proceed with account verification, you choose Settings 🡪 Verification 🡪 Verify Now

Skrill requires you to recharge your wallet before verifying your account. If you do not want or have no conditions to top up your account now, there is another way for you to still have your account verified before recharging, which is verified on the phone app.

First, download the Skrill app to your phone, use the Skrill wallet email and password to log in, the system will ask for a code sent by phone or email and a PIN. Note: you must log out of your Skrill account on your computer before you can log in to your account on your phone. To log out of your account on your computer, you just need to click the button Log Out in the right corner of the screen is fine.

After logging into your Skrill wallet account on your phone, the interface of the homepage will appear and you click the account icon in the top left corner as shown below:

Then click Verify Now.

And keep clicking the button Verify Now

Here, you select the type of documents to verify: Passport (Passport), Driver License (Driver's License) or Identity Card (Identity Card or Identification Card). Select the type of document, click on the box with the name of the document.

After selecting, the phone will open the camera mode for you to take a photo of the front of the document, you align the phone so that the four corners of the document fit within the camera size on the phone and remain for about 3 seconds. The photo will automatically be taken again.

After shooting is complete, you press Readable To continue to shoot the back, if the image is not clear or the corner is blocked, you can shoot again by pressing the button Retake. Then do the same thing to the back of the document.

The system takes about 5 seconds to upload your document.

Next is address verification.

There are 2 ways to verify an address, either share your location over the phone, or upload your documents. However, we have tried the first method many times but failed, so you should do it the second way.

Documents used to verify the address may be one of the following: bank statements, utility bills, internet, or credit card statements … that take less than 3 months and must be full. Your full name and address as you provided when you opened your Skrill account.

To start verifying the address, click the button Use Document Upload.

The screen will display as above, here, you select the papers to verify in the box Type Of Document, and then press Upload Now. Then the phone automatically opens the camera, you take the papers and press Readable to complete.

After downloading all the verification documents, you will see a notification that the verification process is in progress.Verification in progress"As shown below:

You can track the verification results here or when the verification system is complete, an email will notify you. The verification process can take from several hours to several days.

Now, when you log back into the Skrill wallet on your computer, you will see that the ID and address verification has been done. To check, follow the link below Settings 🡪Verification 🡪 Verify Now.

Recharge Skrill wallet

To top up your Skrill wallet, select the personal account area home page Deposit, then choose one of 3 deposit methods, which is bank transfer, Debit Card / Credit cards and Neteller e-wallet.

Currently, bank transfer is not available, so you can top up using Debit / Credit cards (Visa / Master cards) or Neteller e-wallet. To recharge, click on the box Deposit Now below each form.

  • Deposit by Visa / Master cards

Here, you enter the card number, expiry date and CVV code, this information is all on your card. When done, press Add card & continue.

Then enter the amount to deposit, select the purpose of the money and then press Next.

The system will charge commission and the total amount you will have to pay, if you agree then confirm by pressing the button Confirm.

At this time, the bank will send to your phone an OTP confirmation code, enter it in the box as shown and then press Confirm is done.

  • Deposit funds with Neteller wallet

First you enter the amount to deposit and press Next.

The system then charges the commission and asks you to reconfirm the total amount to be paid. If yes, click Confirm.

Next, enter the email address and password or security code of your Neteller wallet account and press Submit is done.

Withdraw money from Skrill wallet to Vietnamese bank account

First of all, you choose Withdraw on the sidebar on the left of the screen. After that, the system will give you 3 options:

  • Bank Account: withdraw money to a Vietnamese bank account
  • Credit or debit card: withdraw money to Visa / Master cards
  • Mobile Wallet: withdraw money to another electronic wallet

To withdraw money to your Vietnamese bank account, click select Withdraw Now bottom form Bank Account, then select Add a bank account.

Here, you enter the information of the bank account. The SWIFT code you can look up on Google. When done, press Add & Continue.

Next, enter the amount you need to withdraw, confirm the commission and then click Confirm is done. Time for money to account is from 2-3 days.

Transfer money to another Skrill wallet.

At the homepage, select Send, then select continue Send to email

Here, you enter the amount you want to send, email of Skrill wallet to receive money. If you want to send the message, click Add message then type the message, then press next.

The system will charge a commission and ask you to confirm, if the information is correct then click Send to complete the transaction.

Hopefully through this tutorial, you will open a Skrill account and verify successfully. As for the forex market, Skrill is now an indispensable method of depositing and withdrawing for most forex brokers, thus, to keep up with the trend as well as to have more options for online payment. We should also open a Skrill account and experience the benefits that this e-wallet brings.

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Author: Tin Nguyen

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