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Cheapest Airtel Data Plans And Subscription Codes 2020

Cheapest Airtel Data Plans And Subscription Codes
Cheapest Airtel Data Plans

We're here to share with you, the Cheapest Airtel Data Plans And Subscription Codes 2020.

The smartphone network have been busy trying to combat all data competitions from MTN, GLO, and ETISALAT (9MOBILE) by providing cheap data for subscribers nationwide.

The airtel network boasts of cheap data plans for even 4G subscribers. It won't be surprising to know that airtel may have stepped up because of the recent cheap overload data plans on the GLO network . 

The most recent airtel data bundles plan which are 6GB for N500 and 2GB for N200 which works perfectly on all devices.

People still ask if airtel has a Night Plan just like MTN cheap night data plan. Yes! It does, dial *312# to check it out.

Code To Check Internet Data Bundle Balance

It is very important to know how many data is remaining on your SIM and it's validity, also check out How To Rollover Unused Data On AIRTEL, MTN, GLO And 9MOBILE (Etisalat) In Nigeria

To Check your data balance on Airtel simply dial *140# and you will receive an SMS of your bundle balance.

List Of Airtel Data Plans and Subscription Codes in Nigeria

Below you will find a list of all available airtel data plans and their various subscription codes.

But before we proceed, let us discuss about this airtel opera bundle which offers 250MB for ₦300.

With this bundle you enjoy access to opera alone but it's worth it. You can combine this plan with the WTF bundle (WhatsApp, Twitter & Facebook) to also enjoy social media access at a very cheap rate.

How do I activate this bundle? To opt in to this bundle, all you need to do is dial *885*1#.

Airtel Daily/Weekly Data Plans 2020

We are starting off with the airtel daily and weekly data plans as these are the most affordable when it comes to data.

 Price  Data Allowance  Validity USSD CODE
 20MB 1 Day *141*50#
 ₦100 75MB 1 Days *141*100#
 ₦200 200MB 3 Days *141*200#
 ₦300 350MB 7 Days *141*300#
 ₦500 750MB 14 Days *141*500#

Airtel Monthly Data Plans (2020)

 Price  Data Allowance  Validity  USSD CODE 
 ₦1000 1.5GB 30 Days *141*1000#
 ₦1500 2.5GB + 1GB Night (1AM – 7AM Daily) 30 Days *141*1500#
 ₦2000 3.5GB 30 Days *141*2000#
 ₦2500 4.5GB + 1GB Night (1AM – 7AM Daily) 30 Days *141*2500#
 ₦3000 5.5GB + 1GB Night (1AM – 7AM Daily) 30 Days *141*3000#
 ₦4000 7.5GB + 1GB Night (1AM – 7AM Daily) 30 Days *141*4000#
 ₦5,000 10GB + 2GB Night (1AM – 7AM Daily) 30 Days *452#
 ₦8,000 16GB 30 Days *460#

Airtel Mega Data Plans (2020)

 Price  Data Allowance  Validity  USSD CODE
 ₦10000 25GB 30 Days *141*10000#
 ₦15000  40GB 30 Days *141*15000#
 ₦20000 60GB 30 Days *141*20000#

Airtel Social Data Plans (2020)

 Price  Data Allowance  Validity  USSD CODE 
 ₦25 10MB 1 Day *948*4#
 ₦50 40MB 1 Day *991*4#
 ₦100 80MB 5 Days  *688*3#
 ₦300 600MB 25 Days  *688*1#

Airtel 4G LTE Data Plans

 Price  Data Allowance  Validity  USSD CODE
 ₦9,999  30GB 30 Days *141*9999#
 ₦19,999  80GB 30 Days *141*19999#

Final words 

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