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VegoLone Version-1 Landing Page Redesign Free 2020 Responsive Template By NQnia

Description - Hello friends, Come back with me, This time I will share a template which has been redesigned in such a way from the original, Yaps, I redesigned this template in such a way from the original ... He said the template was like a landing page for him .. Curious as to what it looks like? Can check via the image below or Live Demo directly ..




  • Switch Dark Mode
  • Responsive 100%
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Google Testing Tool Validator (Index)
  • Google Testing Tool Validator (Item)
  • SEO Friendly
  • Supports Blogger Theme Designer Features
  • Can Post Products and Articles
  • Use Schema Markup product pages & amp; article
  • Icon use Font Awesome
  • Breadcrumb Navigation
  • Pop-up Search Form
  • Bottom Share
  • Back to Top Button
  • Custom Page Error
  • No Link Credit
  • Anti Copy
  • Lazy Load
  • More...

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