22 Unexpected Functions I Found on My Android
Functions I Found on My Android

Brightside is at it again with another inspiring video on 22 Unexpected Functions I Found on My Android.

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Do you know?

It’s been calculated that we use our smartphones for more than 4 hours a day on average. But being creatures of habit, we very often use the same functions and don’t even explore the most interesting, useful, and unexpected opportunities on our phones. Meanwhile, the developers of smartphones and different apps have implemented the most amazing ideas many times drawing inspiration from scientific fantasies.

So, it's pointless to argue which is better, Android or iPhone. Both have a bunch of cool things you probably don't even know about, but today you'll learn the ones that are hidden in Androids. We found and tried some really cool tricks that our Android smartphones were hiding and that can be useful in different life situations.


  1. How to know your heart rate 0:19
  2. How to change the display resolution 1:03
  3. The Focus Mode 1:39
  4. Hidden mini-games 2:16
  5. How to insert subtitles to any video 2:56
  6. "Panic mode" function 4:11
  7. How to detect if there’s dirt in a phone's USB port 4:51
  8. How to turn your phone into a walkie-talkie 5:22
  9. How to slow down the CPU speed manually 5:43
  10. An infrared camera 6:01
  11. "Extreme" chatting 6:32

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