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29 Useful Things Smartphones Don't Have Yet

29 Useful Things Smartphones Don't Have Yet

Brightside is at it again with another inspiring video on 29 Useful Things Smartphones Don't Have Yet.

Without any delay Check out These 29 Useful Things Smartphones Don't Have Yet, you might learn something new from this.

Do you know?

A book, a camera, an audio studio, a calculator, and a whole bunch of friends — all in one little box: your phone. But there are also functions it should have but still doesn’t. For example, imagine being able to project a movie on a wall! No need to have a huge projector and waste time setting it right. Just your phone, and every evening is like going to the cinema.

One out of five people has dropped their phone in the toilet at least once. In most cases, people have to buy a new one, even though waterproof phones aren’t a novelty. They all seem to be too bulky and lacking many features, though. So, real waterproofing for smartphones is still a dream. But wouldn't that be great?


  1. Smartphone projector 0:18
  2. Built-in antenna 0:52
  3. Augmented reality 1:33
  4. Different sound streams 2:12
  5. Putting together a phone and an e-book 2:38
  6. Hologram calls 3:16
  7. A thermometer in your phone 3:50
  8. Removable chip with all the vital documents 4:43
  9. Scanning feature 5:07
  10. Instant camera 5:39
  11. Face recognition technology 6:10
  12. Voice-to-text transcription 6:38
  13. A feature that reads barcodes 7:10

Play and enjoy

Play and enjoy video for 29 Useful Things Smartphones Don't Have Yet

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