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Decoding Javscript of Templateify 2020

Templateify is known by the blogspot community as one of the free template selling and sharing websites. The interface is beautifully designed templateify and optimize ad placement, clear layout, easy to edit.

However, the free templates they share are coded and attached to the footer copyright. For us, "free is the best". So this article, I will guide how to decode javascript of Templateify within a few notes.

Actually, decoding of templateify is very easy, it is similar to the common types of coding, just a few tips that can decode.

Steps to take
Step 1: First you copy the code to decode and paste in the decoding tool of de4js , select Eval type.

Step 2: Copy the entire code has been decoded into notepad
Step 3: In the first line we see the wordvar _ $ _ obify2 change it to var _ $ _ obify1
Following that on line 10, delete the entire starting word var _ $ _ obify1 come first ! functionie delete line 10 to line 15.

Then we will be as shown below:

Step 4: Use the Replace tool by pressing Ctrl + H in Notepad.
Whole replacement_ $ _ obify1 Fort abcdor any string of characters. For examplegiaodienblog.

Step 5: Copy the entire code in Notepad after completing step 4. paste in de4js decoding tool , select the Array type.
At this point, we have completed the decoding of templateify's js. If you want the code to look better, we continue to step 6 .

Step 6: Copy the entire code in step 5 into Notepad
Ctrl + F to findfunction getAjax
Then we will have a piece of type: function getAjax (_0x8008x17, _0x8008x19, _0x8008x30, _0x8008x31, _0x8008x1d) {
Use Replace tool by pressing Ctrl + H in Notepad instead_0x8008x17 Fort $ this, _0x8008x19 Fort type, _0x8008x30 Fort num...
After completing, there will be a piece of function getAjax ($ this, type, num, label, color) {
For other types of bad variables you can change to$ a, $ b, $ c ...

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