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Activating the Subscribe Blog via Email Feature on FeedBurner

 Activate Subscribe via Email from FeedBurner

You must have often heard Youtuber inviting viewers to subscribe to their channel, right? It is not just styles and cas-cis-cus without meaning. Subscribe, in Indonesian it is called a subscription , is an effective way to get visitors to come back to the Youtube channel. In this case, come back to visit our blog.

After visitors subscribe, they will get a notification every time there is a new article. Where are the notifications sent? If you blog to email.

Subscribe via email: every time the blog publishes a new article, an email notification will be sent to those who have subscribed (these people are known as subscribers). The email content is a snippet or summary of the article. To read in full, a link to the original article is inserted in the email.

By enabling this feature, someone's chance to come back to the blog is greater because he has been notified if there are new articles that have not been read. If the blog has a large number of returning visitors , it means that the blog has loyal and loyal readers.

Blogger (Blogspot) does not yet have a built-in feature to provide notification via email to subscribed visitors. So from that we need help from other parties so that the feature can work. One of the most popular providers is FeedBurner . He's still a Google product too, just like Blogger. Oh yes, even if you add the "Follow by Email" widget on Blogger, it ends up using the FeedBurner service too.

Actually, the features in FeedBurner are quite a lot. But the most famous is the subscribe facility via email. So I will focus on just discussing that matter. There are several steps that must be taken to activate the subscription feature of this article. Read it thoroughly.

How to Make a Subscribe via Email on a Blog

  1. Open the site which is located at:
  2. No need to register, later you will automatically get an account because the data is taken from your Google account.
  3. In the field, write the blog feed address. The format is like this:
    Change that be markedwith each blog address. If you already use a custom domain , you can. An example has mine to be click the buttonNext.
    Easy Ways to Subscribe to Articles Via Email
  4. Feed Title: Feed title: Feed 
    Feed Addressaddress. Fill in the desired username. Later this username will be used. When finished, click the button againNext.
    So You Can Subscribe via Email on Blogger
    Write down the username in this step because it will be used again later.
  5. After success, click Skip directly to feed management so that you can immediately arrange what is needed.
    FeedBurner Email Subscribe Service for Blogs
  6. Select menu Publicize» Email Subscriptions» click the buttonActivate.
    Cool Email Subscription Widget on Blogger
  7. Pay attention. If active, at the end of the page there will be writing This service is activeand on it there is HTML code. We just ignore the code, the important thing is that the email subscription service is active.
    Activate FeedBurner Email Subscription Service

How to Put a Subscribe Widget on a Blog

The setup in FeedBurner is complete. Now you only need to install a subscribe widget on your blog so that it can be filled by readers. However, this article specifically only discusses FeedBurner. Therefore, for the installation of widgets, you must follow the guidelines in the article entitled Widget Subscribe via Email a la Igniel . Please open and practice.

You don't have to always use widgets according to my tutorial. If you have other subscribe widgets with different styles, it can be used. The important thing is that the article subscription service via email using FeedBurner has been activated according to the guidelines above.

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