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Hiding Instagram Stories from Certain People

Instagram story or Instastory (in Indonesian it is called cerita) is one of the most popular features by users. Even though everything posted in the story will disappear after 24 hours, this does not deter users from sharing stories through the story. Some even post dozens of stories per day. It proves that this feature is very popular.

Instastory does not have a limit on the number of posts per day, which is one of the reasons why it uploads so many photos and videos every day. Because it is only available for 24 hours, you can save Instastory easily so you don't lose it. You can read the method in an article entitled How to Download Instagram Stories Without an Application .

But there are times when you don't want the moments uploaded to Instastory to be known by certain people who are our followers. For example, a photo of a food that you want to hide from a friend who is fasting Monday Thursday. Or vacation photos when you actually have an appointment to meet other friends on the same day. To avoid bad taste, you should temporarily silence the Instastory of the unwanted person.

Or if there are strangers who follow so he can see the Instastory. Even though you want the post to be seen only by people you know.

How to Hide Instastory from Specific Friends

So is there a way to get rid of someone's Instagram story without having to unfollow or block the account in question? Really can! Check out the following simple tutorial.

  1. Open an Instagram account on each cellphone and make sure it is logged in.
  2. Enter your profile by tapping ikon userin the lower right corner. Then tap again ikon garis tigaat the top right. Finally tap the Settings(Settings) menu below.
    Hide IG Story From Certain Account
  3. Select Privacy(Privacy) then select Story(Stories) again.
    Hide Instastory from Unwanted Someone
  4. Refer to the section Hide Story From(Hide Story From). Tap the writing 0 People(0 People) underneath it.
    Remove Instagram Stories From Selected Accounts
  5. A list of the names of the accounts that are your followers will appear. To hide from them, tap the name of the desired account until the round icon next to it changes to a blue checkmark icon. When finished, click ikon ceklison the top right corner.
    Tricks to Hide IG Stories from Friends and Followers
  6. Now check that the number that was previously 0 now changes according to the number of people who were previously selected.
    Hide Snapgram For Specific People To Be Addressed

How about friends, it's easy not to hide Instagram story posts from specific people without having to unfollow or block that person? The method above can be done quickly by anyone.

Sharing happiness through Instastory is common in today's digital age. But don't overdo it. Increase the number of posts that are useful for followers so that later they can be useful even if only a little.

That's the tutorial hide snapgram from See you on Instagram tutorials and other social media. Hope it can be understood well.

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