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How to Save Internet Data Quota on Instagram

Instagram is the favorite social media app for sharing photos and videos. Because the content displays this visual, more internet data is needed. You can imagine if you open Instagram often, quota consumption will be even more wasteful.

Surfing and exploring the Instagram feed is fun. Besides being able to add insight, it can also be entertainment in your spare time. Sometimes we lose track of time and get out of control. Have you ever thought how much data is used up just to open Instagram?

It seems that many are not aware that the Instagram application on cellphones plays an important role in draining quota quickly if used too often. It's a good idea if you start activating the data-saving feature so that costs for buying internet packages can be reduced and your life will be more efficient. There are several ways you can try and the blog will explain them in detail.

1. Enable Data Saver Feature

The first way is to take advantage of features already provided by Instagram itself called Use Less Data or in Indonesian called Use Data Less .

  1. Open Instagram on your cellphone and make sure you are logged in.
  2. Tap ikon userin the lower right corner, then tap again ikon garis tiga, finally tap the Settings(Settings) menu in the lower right corner.
    Save Instagram Quota
  3. Tap the Account(Account) menu and select the Cellular Data Use(Cellular Data Usage) menu
    How to Activate the IG Android Data Saving Feature
  4. Activate the Data Saver(Data Saver) feature by tapping or sliding the available icon until it turns blue.
    Reducing Instagram Internet Data Usage
  5. Dan satu lagi nih yang perlu diatur yaitu High Resolution Media (Media Beresolusi Tinggi). Artinya Instagram bertanya, "kapan media dengan resousi tinggi harus ditampilkan?"
    Disana terdapat pilihan, apakah akan diaktifkan ketika kamu memakai WiFi Only (WiFi Saja), Cellular + WiFi (Seluler + WiFi), atau Never (Tidak Pernah) alias jangan diaktifkan sama sekali. Untuk semakin menghemat data lebih baik pilih Never. Nantinya semua media seperti foto dan video akan ditampilkan dalam resolusi yang lebih rendah. Namun sepengalaman saya tampilannya sama saja kok, tidak membuat buram sama sekali.
    Instagram Spending Quota?

Pembatasan Penggunaan Data di Belakang Layar

Dalam bahasa Inggris lebih dikenal dengan istilah restrict background data. Maksudnya apa sih? Artinya adalah aplikasi akan tetap bekerja di belakang layar meski sedang tidak dibuka. Dia akan tetap memakan data internet untuk berbagai keperluan.

Sering kan mendapatkan notifikasi live Instagram, notifikasi jika ada Direct Message (DM) alias pesan masuk, atau pemberitahuan lain ketika ada yang like atau komen postingan? Nah, itu sebenarnya Instagram sedang bekerja meski aplikasinya sedang tidak dibuka. Dia mengumpulkan data yang keluar masuk dan mengirimkan pemberitahuannya ke ponsel kamu. Dan itu membutuhkan data internet.

If your cellphone is on for 24 hours continuously, the data will always be consumed. Even though you don't open Instagram all the time, but still the quota is reduced. To work around this, it's better to activate the restrict background data feature that is definitely in all cellphones.

  1. Open the Settings(Settings) respective smartphone and go to the Apps(Application) menu . Look for the app Instagramand tap on its icon.
    Limiting Instagram Data Quota Usage
  2. Tap the menu named Data usage(Data usage) then turn off the Background data( Backstage data) feature by tapping or sliding the icon towards the left.
    Tips to Save Quota to Play IG
Advantages Deficiency
Much more save quota. Internet data will be active only when opening the application. There could be no incoming notification because no data flows to the Instagram application. You won't know if someone likes / comments or DMs until you open the application.

Enable Time Reminder Feature

This is a feature whose function is to bring up a warning notification if it has reached a certain duration while playing Instagram. Very useful in helping users not to waste too much time and avoid addiction. You can find a guide in the article entitled How to Enable Time Reminders to Limit Instagram Usage . The less time you spend, the less data you spend on it.

That's the complete article on tips to save internet data quota usage while playing Instagram. Everything superfluous is no good. Therefore, let's reduce exposure to social media little by little and start using it for more positive things. Kindness can be spread through any media including Instagram.

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