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Memories: Share old Instagram posts or stories

Instagram is one of the media used by many people to upload photos and videos that occur in everyday life. Many people upload to Instagram with the excuse that their photos remain intact and avoid unwanted events such as accidentally deleting all files on the cellphone.

This social media has quickly become a favorite of many people because of the simplicity and variety of features included in it. One of the cool things about Instagram is the ability to "remember" events that took place in the past year. This feature is known as Memories .

Nostalgia becomes a fun thing. Remembering all the memories that used to happen can make us smile to ourselves. Especially if it is immortalized in the form of a photo or video, surely the incident can be remembered better.

There are two types of Memories that can be shared again, namely:

  1. Memories from posts in the feed
  2. Memories from stories

This can be a powerful enough weapon to increase interaction with new followers. Last year they haven't followed you, so they haven't seen the old posts. By sharing again, new followers will see the post. The blog will try to explain both of them in full. Keep up with it until it runs out.

Re-share Old Instagram Feed Posts

Instagram will display posts that you uploaded in the past year on the same date as today. For example, today is August 10, 2019, then Instagram will display post notifications on the same date, namely August 10 in 2018. Posts in older years will also appear (2017, 2016, etc.) as long as there is activity on that date. post.

  1. Open the Instagram application on each cellphone. Check if there is any notification memories. If there is, just tap.
    How to Share Old Instagram Posts to Stories
  2. You will immediately be taken to the story view, complete with photos or videos posted on the same date in the past year. Tap once right in the middle of the image if you want to change to style 2 (see picture). Later, a white background color will appear complete with a caption.
  3. You can provide text, stickers, gif images, shift image positions, or other things as usual.
  4. When you're done setting up your knick-knacks, tap the button Send to (Send to).
    Reshare Foto Lawas Instagram
  5. This is how the memories of Instagram have been successfully shared with Instastory. If you tap the image, the visitor will immediately be taken to the original post. Under the username there is also a statement that the photo comes from the complete archive with the original date when the post was uploaded.
    Bringing Instagram Memories to Story
Keep in mind that memories notifications will only appear if there are posts on the same date in the past year.

Re-share Old Instagram Story Posts

Unlike posts that must be on the same date, stories can be shared on any date as long as the story is stored in the archive.

  1. Open the profile and then enter the Archive(Archive) menu .
    How To Get Memories on Instagram
  2. On the dropdown menu, select Stories Archivethen select the old photo or video story that you want to share again. Then tap Share(Share).
    How to Get IG Memories
  3. You will be taken to the story page. Here you can insert the usual trinkets (text, gif images, stickers, etc.). When finished click the buttonSend to(Send to). On the Your Storytap againShare (Share).
    How to Bring up Instastory Memories
  4. This is how the old story has been successfully shared again. There is information on the original date when the story was first published.
    Sharing Stories From IG Archive

That's a complete explanation of how to share old archives or posts on Instagram stories. Please comment below if there are things you don't understand.

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