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Overcoming Bloggers Cannot Be Opened Without www

So that Blogger Custom Domains Can Be Opened Without www

When installing a custom domain on Blogger, users are required to set it to include the main subdomain, which is usually www. This is an absolute must. You can't have a naked domain alias without www like on a self-hosted blog.

As a result, visitors are required to write the complete blog address including www in front of it. This is actually causing everyone a headache. Why? This is a case in point.

Like to open Facebook? What do you write in the browser when you open the site? I'm sure almost everyone wrote without www.

If Blogger requires writing www in front, there are visitors who are lazy. But fortunately, there is a special setting in Blogger that can redirect the address when accessing a blog without www to the version with www. Luckily.

But wait. Not all of them are profitable. There are also those who lose traffic due to trivial things, namely forgetting to set up a www redirect when installing a Blogger custom domain . The blog is impressed with an error like the following picture.

Fixing the error that the blog cannot be accessed without www

So, so that you don't lose visitors, it's a good idea to check your blog settings carefully like the tutorial below.

Check Blog Access

First of all we check the accessibility of the blog. Can you redirect www or not. To check it can be done in 2 ways, namely:

  1. Through a browser with incognito / private mode.
  2. Using a browser from another device that has never opened its blog at all.

Why? Because if you use a browser from your own smartphone, laptop or PC that has frequently opened the destination blog, there will be cache, cookies, and history left behind. So even if you CANNOT redirect www, it will automatically be thrown to the address with www because there are traces of cookies, cache, and previous history.

As a result, the blog will look safe FOR YOURSELF. As for visitors? Yes, it is clear that an error page will appear. Especially for those who are visiting for the first time. The first impression that arises is that your blog is not active, it could be that they are lazy to open it again. It was their first and last visit. Don't lose a lot of traffic because your blog can't be accessed.

So check first through the two methods above. If it turns out to be an error, please follow the tutorial to fix the Blogspot custom domain error that can't be opened without the following www.

Solution So that Blogger Can Be Accessed Without www

  1. Open the Blogger dashboard and access the Setelan(Settings) » Dasar(Basic)» Publikasi(Publishing) » Alamat Blog(Blog Address) menu .
  2. Click Edit on the custom domain address that has been installed.
  3. Click on the Alihkan ke to section until a checklist appears in the available box.
  4. Finally click the button Save (Save).
Enabling Blogger www redirect

Until here, it's actually finished. However, Blogger himself suggests additional settings, namely adding A Records so that there are no errors when the blog is opened without www.

  1. Go to the site from where you purchased the domain.
  2. Open the menu to set DNS.
  3. Add 4 A Records according to the table below.
  4. Don't forget to save the settings.

Host / Name Type Data / Value / Target TTL
Clear it A Leave the default by default
Clear it A Leave the default by default
Clear it A Leave the default by default
Clear it A Leave the default by default

If the host cannot be emptied, fill in the domain name without www .

How to Add A Blogger Records

Done. Try opening the blog again without www using the 2 methods mentioned above. Now the blog can be opened without www and there will be no more errors.

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