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Share Instagram Story to Facebook Automatically

Instagram and Facebook are under the same parent company. So don't be surprised if there are several features that are made exactly like each other, for example, just stories. This feature first appeared on Instagram and was soon adopted by Facebook.

Both Instagram and Facebook have the same conditions for uploading stories, namely posts only last for 24 hours and then disappear. Because both have the same features, there are new capabilities that make it possible to share stories between platforms.

Auto Share Instagram Story to Facebook Story

To do this, you need to connect your Instagram and Facebook accounts first. Only then does the synchronization occur so that it can be posted automatically. The complete method is as follows:

  1. Open the profile, then enter the Settings(Settings) menu .
    Share Story IG to FB Auto
  2. Tap Account(Account), Linked Accounts(Linked Account), then select Facebook.
    Auto Share Story Instagram to Facebook
  3. You will be asked to login. Enter your Facebook email and password as usual and tap the button Masuk. If there is a new box, just tap it Continue as Nama Kamu. A new dialog box appears again asking if you want the auto sharing feature of Instagram stories to Facebook to be activated. Please choose Start Sharing to Facebook.
    Auto Post Instagram Story to Facebook

The process of linking accounts is complete. Now create a new story. Pay attention at the bottom. There is a Facebook icon, which means that the story will be posted to the Facebook story automatically.

Show Story IG to FB

This is how it looks when I open the Facebook story. The photo is the same as the one posted on Instagram before. Yes, it must be the same, it is automatically distributed.

Update Instastory to Facebook Story

Displaying Instagram stories on Facebook is automatically very good for those who don't want to be complicated to post twice. Especially for online shops or those who are strengthening personal branding, this feature is very helpful because two types of readers on two different social media can be reached at once in just one post. Really saves time and effort.

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