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Shares Posts from Instagram Feed to Story

Stories are Instagram's most popular feature. Users can post more than 1 content through stories per day. They love to post spontaneous moments that are happening right away. And users don't have to feel like their account is overcrowded because posts will disappear after 24 hours.

Apart from sharing your daily activities, you can also share photo or video posts taken from the feed to be uploaded to Instastory. You can share anything, for example, photos that are far below the feed and want to appear again for friends to see through stories, and you can even share posts on other accounts as well. It's fun, right.

Another trick that is usually done to get more interactions is if you have posted new content to the feed, then the content can be shared directly on the story. So that posts can be seen in two ways, namely feed and story.

In doing so, you don't need to take screenshots or download Instagram photos and videos first to post them on the story. Everything can be done easily and quickly. The blog will share a trick especially for you.

Add Post to Story without Screenshot

The first step to sharing an IG feed to a story is to find the photo or video you want. It can be your own content or other account content. After that, follow the steps below.

  1. If you have found content that you want to share on Instastory, tap ikon bagikanthe plan which is shaped like a paper airplane. A new box will appear, tap it Add post to your story(Add post to your story).
    Add Posts to Instagram Story without Screenshot
  2. Oh yes, besides being sent to the story, you can also send the post to friends who are on the followers and following lists by tapping the button Send(Send) next to their avatar photo. You can also insert messages.
    Add Post to Story Instagram Story
  3. After that the page will move to the story view. You can insert stickers, text, gifs, or other trinkets as usual. Photos can also be shifted or reduced and enlarged as desired. By default it will look like style 1 (see picture). If you want to change to style 2, tap the screen once on the center of the photo. A white background and caption will appear (see picture). In this example I chose style 1 to make it more minimalist and simple. When finished tap the buttonSend to(Send to) for Instagram story posts to work.
    Send IG Feed Photos to Instastory

    Tap in the center of the photo to change the style.
  4. On the Your StorytapShare (Share).
    Upload Post IG Video to Story
  5. This is the final result when you successfully share the Instagram feed post to the story. When a photo is tapped, the visitor will be immediately taken to the original post of the shared photo.
    Upload Story from Instagram Feed

    Tap in the center of the photo to see the original post.

For the record, when sharing a video to a story, only the thumbnail or cover image will appear. It won't play right away but you have to tap it first, then it will be directed to the original video.

It's easy to add posts to story by following the tutorial above. You can use it to share interesting content with friends. Or for those who sell on Instagram, they can add insight and interaction by uploading to the feed as well as sharing to stories so that the possibility of being seen by followers is even greater.

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