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Unexpectedly Simple Product Ideas To Sell Online

Unexpectedly Simple Product Ideas

Online business is a type of business that does marketing and sales via the internet and has mushroomed in Indonesia. When almost all potential consumers already know how to find something and make transactions on the internet, online businesses become excellent immediately. How promising is this method of selling?

Based on data from Waresocial in 2017, there are 24.7 million online shoppers in Indonesia with internet access reaching 132.7 million people. Such a large number can illustrate that selling online in Indonesia is very tempting.

Advantages of selling online

There are lots of advantages and advantages of selling online compared to conventional selling, including the following.

1. Very Wide Market Reach

We can reach more and wider consumers. Unlike offline sales which are only known in certain regions or cities, online stores can be known by consumers from all over Indonesia and even the world. The opportunity to get consumers is even greater.

2. Time and Cost Efficiency
If an offline business needs a physical store or location to transact, it is not the case with an online business. We only need to make transactions via the internet, be it through websites, social media or messaging applications (chat). Physical stores are not a top priority so they can cut the cost of renting land or premises. Business can be run from home or wherever we are and is not bound by time. Stores can stay open non-stop, aka 24 hours safely and comfortably.

Confused to Get Started? Don't Have a Product?

On the one hand, many online businesses have succeeded in getting consumers from all over the country and even the world with their flagship products. On the other hand, many are interested in trying it but still don't understand how it works. Confused to start, don't know how to start, and what I complain about most is not having a product.

Though that is not a problem. When others can, why can't we? That is why knowledge of business ideas needs to be nurtured and added to all the time. You can often browse and look for inspiration from other people's online businesses. About the same product? No problem. Even if it's the same, everyone's fortune is different. This is determined by marketing techniques, intentions, efforts, and prayers of each. Don't be afraid to compete, it must be used as motivation to be better.

Simple Products with Lack of Competitors to Sell Online

Want to sell products that are anti-mainstream, aka unusual? Start with simple ideas that many people may not have thought of. For example balloons and party supplies. A product that doesn't sound fancy and unexpected, right? Don't know that someone has been successful by selling this product online, let's call it the Ballon Corner.

Examples of products for wholesale online sales

They are one of the few online sellers that sell birthday supplies and balloon wholesalers . Most of these products are sold in offline stores and very few are marketed on the internet. Maybe because it feels small and easy to find anywhere. Even though it is not an excuse because many people are still looking for it on the internet. The fewer people who sell similar products, the better. This means that there are fewer competitors so that the opportunity to get consumers is even greater.

This online shop based in Surabaya sells wholesale character balloons, letter foil balloons, latex balloons, party supplies or other wholesale birthday supplies . The prices offered are varied and affordable. In addition, at Ballon Corner there are often attractive promos and discounts that allow you to get items very cheaply compared to other stores.

Even though it is in Surabaya, Ballon Corner accepts and serves shipments throughout the country using your favorite expedition service. This is a clear example of the benefits of selling online. The shop is in Surabaya, but it turns out that customers in other cities are far away. Transactions can still run without having to meet face to face.

Selling birthday balloons and wholesale party supplies is one example of a simple business idea that can be run. No need to be grandiose about products, the important thing is that the output is good, aka closing continuously and getting a profit.

Even simple ideas can be promising online business opportunities if you are smart in seizing opportunities. The important thing is to have a strong will and will, there will definitely be a way. Nothing is instant, including selling online. All need serious sacrifice and effort. How, ready to take the opportunity through a simple, unexpected product?

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