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Volta Premium Responsive Blogger Template (Deep Blue Magenta)



I shared this 

volta blogger template for free and for the premium version I have combined it with the Invert Pro theme, so for those who previously ordered the Invert Pro theme, please download the file again to get this Volta theme.


Volta Premium Features:

Google Testing Tool Validator (Homepage)True 
Google Testing Tool Validator (Postpage)True 
PageSpeed ​​InsightsTrue 
Mobile FriendlyTrue 
SEO FriendlyTrue
Dynamic HeadingTrue
High CTRTrue
Personal BlogTrue
Disqus CommentTrue
Breadcrumbs Schema.orgTrue
Related Posts WidgetTrue
Featured Posts WidgetTrue
Social Share ButtonTrue
Responsive MenuTrue
Social Media FooterTrue
Search BoxTrue
Back to TopTrue
Newsletter WidgetTrue
Well DocumentationTrue

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