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Auto post leech tool for blogspot

 Auto post leech tool for blogspot

If I say the tool is too much, in fact this automatic leech trick uses ifttt. Ifttt (if this then that) is a very useful tool for webmasters and seoers, even more special is that it is completely free. This article will guide how to automatically leech posts from other website to your blogspot. The drawback of this tool is that only leech gets the web feeds.

Implementation steps

First, you need to create an ifttt account, you can see the registration steps in the previous post Automatically share articles on social networks with free tools

Step 1

- In the first plus sign, you search for RSS keywords and enter the feed link of the website to leech. As for blogspot is and for wordpress is for other platforms, do your own research.
Auto post leech tool for blogspot
- Next, select New feed item and enter link feeds of the web to leech.

Step 2

Auto post leech tool for blogspot
- In the second plus sign, you choose Blogger -> choose the Blog you need to use to post articles to be leeched up.
- Next is the post configuration, you can refer to your configuration:
Auto post leech tool for blogspot

Step 3

This step is just waiting to enjoy, when your website has new posts, after 15 seconds your blog will post too :)

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