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A.O.A.  After many developments and many works, in the past months, the idea revolves in my head, which is to make Blogger as a shortcut site on the hosting, yes currently it can be done easily and for free, so I researched and made several attempts to link the database on hosting with blogger but without Feasibility.
But I found some problems, so I found a way which is more than wonderful and even distinctive and can be installed on your original site Imagine with me my brother visitor that your site has normal content and at the same time you can make it shorten links such as the famous site, Bahit will not affect your site Finally, you will benefit from a lot of costumes and traffic that will pass from your site significantly.
The script can be installed on any template, however important it is on the blogger platform and this method is exclusive and not found anywhere else so a template was created to shorten the links integrated but of course driven by the efforts and developments that you made.

Script features:

  • You can install it on any template so your site won't take up much space
  • Fast routing links and high transmission
  • You can install it on blogs either free or paid
  • It has a single interface and is the home page
  • Place ads ready from planning
  • Protect sites that are shortened by strong encryption

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